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  1. I’d be interested but I am in devon. mine is the standard varmint profile stock I think? https://shootingsports.edgarbrothers.com/pages/CZ-455-American.aspx
  2. Adamdavi3s

    DIY Turret Wraps

    Superb thank you, I’ll have a play later on! Thank you for making it free, I can suggest a donate button for H4H similar?
  3. up, heading to farnborough this week and london / oxford the week after if that helps
  4. Hi, Bank transfer would be fine
  5. No sorry, but you can have them for £50 collected, I'm just up the road
  6. No thanks, I'll just use them up if they don't sell at the asking
  7. Hi all, Opened but still 100 box of ELD-M 140gr 6.5 mm £55 posted Unopened tub of H4350 £45 collected from Mid devon or possibly on the 303 between devon and farnborough in the next few weeks
  8. Adamdavi3s

    sightron 10-50x 60

    I am selling mine Sightron 10-50x60 LRTD 1/8" clicks recently back from a full sightron service. Boxed and with a sunshade (not pictured and originally purchased separately) and in very good condition save a small mark on the objective bell (NOT the glass) and a slight mark on the front scope cap (replace it with vortex anyway). From new it's only seen 150 shots on my 6.5cm but from new it had a small piece of debris in the lens hence the service. £775 posted RMSD
  9. NOW SOLD THANK YOU 10-50x60 LRTD 1/8" clicks Owned from new and has seen about 150rnds on my 6.5creedmoor Selling as I need something different for my AR15 (possibly vortex 1-8x24) I own many sightrons and absolutely love them. This one has recently been back to Sightron in the states for a service (via optics warehouse) as it had a piece of debris in it (from new). It was fully cleaned and reset to factory standard so is as new save a small mark on the outside of the objective bell and a small mark on the front lens cap rubber (but replace it with vortex one anyway!) £858 posted RMSD
  10. Adamdavi3s

    DIY Turret Wraps

    John, my apologies I have just been snowed under with a new job! Will try and knock this together tonight for you
  11. Adamdavi3s

    What can I legally bring back from the states?

    Just fancy giving something different a shot for a change, have you tried it out? If so could you explain why you don't like it? And no, unfortunately the .22 went to a new owner, was wonderful but I couldn't justify keeping it at the time
  12. Adamdavi3s

    What can I legally bring back from the states?

    Might be moot anyway as actually brownells aren't that horrendously expensive with the dollar rate at the moment this is what came up at £389 when I googled brownells luth ar https://www.brownells.co.uk/AR-15/M16-LUTH-AR-STOCK-KITS But once I worked through their awful website I found they're only £155 https://www.brownells.co.uk/AR-15/M16-MODULAR-BUTTSTOCK-1

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