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Athlon 10-40x and Riton X7 4-32x FFP

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These have been sat on the shelf for a few months and as much as I want to keep them as spares I can't really justify it! 
Prices are fixed and are + postage which will be £10-20 for special delivery or you're welcome to come check any of them out if you're near Devon

The reticule photos show approx range of 1550m and were taken with my phone  

Riton X7 4-32 £325
This is a very under rated scope and has been on my 300PRC, exceptional glass and lifetime warranty with OPW
No box I am afraid it was lost to asbestos.

Two minor points to raise
1- Under the advice of optics warehouse, the zero stop was removed (and lost with the box) , this is because the elevation was limited to 19mil from the factory, it now has the full range.
2- I clipped the little zoom lever with my bolt and it has broken off, if it was important I would just get a 3d printed throw lever for it! 

Athlon 10-40x £250
I sold this one via eBay (shudder) and it was returned to me for being "milky", honestly I just don't think the guy understood what eye relief is as 
I have never had an issue at all with it (used it for BR20 on my airgun). I always thought it was very good for a cheaper scope, however the eye relief is very fine at the top end. Photos through the scope are included and happy to provide more information if I can
Athlon's lifetime warranty can also help out if required!

some light marks to the objective  bell as shown. This one is all boxed









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