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    Looks a winner to me........
  2. Due to lack of use I have decided to sell my single shot precharged S400 Carbine in.22 calibre. This will come complete with a Hill stirrup pump that has been used at the most a half dozen times. Naturally this makes the set up a complete self contained unit without the inconvenience of air cylinders certification, refilling etc. The rifle comes with scope mounts and a Hawke 3-9 x 40 scope, charge adapter, hose and pump unit. I will give whatever pellets I have left to the buyer. I may split the above items but only if the rifle sells first!A link here for a similar rifle;https://www.theairguncentre.com/air-arms-s400and another for the pump;http://www.airriflepump.com/Mine doesn't have the drypac add on but as I understand it you can retro fit this if it was required.The complete set up £475 collected (North Yorkshire). Pictures too big apparently so pm me email address. Advertised on other forums, first pm received saying they want it is the buyer.
  3. eldon


    or did the "new shooter" put them all through the same hole......................@ 332 yds? Now that would be a fluke.
  4. eldon

    Fox Hunting - Tools of the Trade

    I actually thought that torch looked like one I got from him but mine has green rings.
  5. TTT Anyone want to make a sensible ofer?
  6. I think you might have imperial and metric numbers combined there. How about 5/8ths (or 9/16ths) x 24 pitch (i.e. UNEF) or 15mm x 1.0mm pitch (most likely option).
  7. TTT May consider a small lightweight single barrel shotgun i.e. 410, in px. What have you got?
  8. Any offers before I consider ebaying it?
  9. Hungarian scope for sale as in the title, A4 reticle, glass unmarked, a few very small marks on the paintwork nothing bad. PM me an email address for pictures. £310 posted or £300 collected, North Yorkshire/ West Yorkshire border.
  10. eldon

    Trigger pull gauge

    Try looking in a fishing tackle shop for a spring balance. It will do the same job and be cheap enough for the odd occasion you are planning on using it.
  11. Potentially the 204 die maybe sold and I don't want to end up with just a die for the 308. I'll do you the trimmer and 308 die for £25 posted, any good?
  12. As in the opening post; PM me an email address for pictures.
  13. Trimmer and both dies £30 anybody?
  14. No interest? How about £300 posted £290 collected?
  15. Responded and sent email as requested.
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    Log in

    Yes I prefer the old layout too.
  17. eldon

    Power outage - a tidy solution...

    The general killer for Genies is a kettle. If you are going to warm water up by say a gas stove then a small Genie (2KW) will be ok but a kettle would need something over 3kw as a minimum. The numbers go like this 240 volts x one 13 amp plug = 3.12 KW That is of course only one item so if you had freezers etc. on demand then you would either need to disconnect whilst using the kettle or choose a higher output Generator. Personally I wouldn't buy anything less than 4kw.

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