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  1. It depends whether I am out during the day or at dusk/dawn and where I am stalking. For woodland at dawn and dusk I use a pair of Optolyth Royals 8X56 with roof prisms and for daytime use on the mountains for Reds, Sika etc I have an Optolyth 30X75 single-draw spotting scope and a pair of Eschenbach 7X42B `alwetter` Trophy AS/D roof prism binoculars. All of these I have had for many years and I they have given me excellent trouble-free service. HWH.
  2. stag1933


    Below is a target fired by my Tikka HB Varminter. [black.] Max. load for the 140gr bullet is shown as 46.6 grains in my Vihtavouri booklet but work up to it as each rifle is an entity unto itself. I am using 46gr in Privi Partisan brass with the bullets just off the rifling, similar results are obtained with Lapua brass. Hornady bullet Ref.No.2630 Interlock. HWH.
  3. stag1933

    ,243 70-75 grain loads

    My Hodgdon booklet states 37 grains of H335 for a 75 grain bullet so start 10% lower and work up. Your half-a-pound of that should give you 100 loads or so to play with. My Sako and Tikka .243s were half-inchers at 100yds with 40.5 grains of Viht.N140 and the V.Max 75 grain bullet ignited by a Federal GM210 match primer, again work up to this. HWH.
  4. stag1933


    Got 4 all-blacks with black beaks but missed a piebald one. Every little helps though. HWH.
  5. stag1933


    Thanks guys ! Since I lost my driving licence due to Glaucoma I don`t get out often for a few shots now. I have only had 39 Carrions and 5 Magpies so far this year. I have caught 8 rats in my garage with traps though after the sods found a bag of oats I was storing there for my Budgies and Parrakeets. [ They cannot access my aviary as the floor is concrete. ] The next Border Stalkers shoot is on the 19th of June at the usual Bowscar, Penrith venue. It is the Chris Batty Memorial shoot, format as usual, similar to the DMQ shooting test. I am getting a lift out tomorrow morning at 6.45 AM for blast at the vermin species. Rgards to all, HWH.
  6. stag1933

    6.5x55 load

    I have just loaded 35 with 46gr of Viht. N160, Fed.210 Match primer, 140gr Hornady spire-point bullet in Lapua brass. They shoot half-inch groups at 100 yds from my HB Tikka T3 when I can hold it but at 78 and being partially sighted it gets harder all the time. HWH.
  7. stag1933

    Tight twist 220 swift?

    When the law in Southern Ireland only permitted .22cfs for Deer shooting some of the lads used the RWS 5.6X57 cartridge. The bullet used was the 74 grain cone point and I think the barrel twist rate was 1 in 9". Muzzle velocity was 3410 FPS with a muzzle energy of 1910 Foot/pounds. My 5.6X61 Vom Hofe Super Express fired the 77 grain bullet and was considerably more powerful than the 5.6X57 but was .228 and not the normal .224 diameter. HWH.
  8. stag1933

    Other Hobbies

    Photography, clay pigeon shooting to International level, [i made the England DTL team twice.], used to fish for brown trout until the Roe came into shooting season, breeding Budgerigars and Parrakeets, keeping and breeding tropical fishes. Now due to failing eyesight the clay shooting is finished, the photograpy is limited due to loss of my driving licence, stalking and vermin control in general is possible only by lifts out with a friend or two. I still have the fishes and birds and sold a couple of young Budgies today, income from bird sales exceeds feeding costs though. HWH.
  9. stag1933

    Both Foxes been eaten

    I once found the bony remnants of a long dead pony in a FC plantation. A local toerag had a few grazing there ! HWH.
  10. stag1933

    foxing in the wilds of herefordshire last night,.

    Lake District at the start of the Swaledale lambing, 23 arrested in 3 outings after 2 lambs went AWOL. HWH.
  11. stag1933

    Primer press

    This RCBS bench capper has been used for many years . After the primer has been seated the case is held firmly in place so the the powder charge may be dropped either from the scale pan or via a large diameter cartridge case which I use to collect the charge when dropped from the powder hopper. The charged case is then placed in the press for the bullet to be seated. The alternative insert for small primers is at the right corner of the bench capper. I do not know if it is still in production but after a lifetimes re-loading I have yet to see a more useful item for purpose. HWH.
  12. stag1933

    Reloading Room Pics

    A corner of my cellar as used for the last 36 years. HWH.
  13. stag1933

    Laphroaig at £9.99 a bottle

    Bunkum ! Who are Costco and where are they ? I use local purchase at a good price . Bells or Grouse at £13 per litre locally is my target . With 6 spoons of sugar,boiling water and a couple of painkillers I get some sleep . I have six or seven bottles in stock at the moment so I can drink longer and cheaper but not more quantity . HWH.
  14. stag1933

    Laphroaig at £9.99 a bottle

    I took three 1 litre bottles of Famous Grouse into custody at Morrisons today for £39. HWH.
  15. stag1933

    308 vs fox

    Unlucky sod! I would not be boasting about that one as quick off-hand shots at 90 yards with a rifle, moderator and bipod do not make for accurate humane shooting. Probably buggered up your desire to grass a Sika stag also ! HWH.

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