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  1. Quality Short Action Stock

    Have you seen the bighorn custom on stalking directory. Don’t know if that’s the stock you’re after jon
  2. 220 swift

    Hi after some factory 50 grain Winchester ammo if anyone has seen any in shops or has some surplus to requirements thanks jon
  3. Delta Stryker

    Any updates on these yet ?
  4. Yards or metres ? Thanks Jon
  5. Rifle now includes nightforce shv 5.20x56 scope moar recticle £2750 Ono for full set up
  6. Scope

    Thanks for the reply, to much scope for what I need Thanks Jon
  7. Scope

    Hi, I'm after either pm2 in moa or nightforce with moar t recticle prefarbly atacr, please could you let me know what you have Thanks Jon
  8. Northern Shooting Show

    My treat from show. Was good few more stands than last year really busy Saturday morning, hope it keeps growing Jon
  9. 243 dies

    Hi I've got set of redding competition fl die and micrometer seating die if these are any good Jon
  10. Northern Shooting Show

    Me plus child no2 on Saturday, it's good us guys up north have something more local everything else is miles away. Was good last year and looks to be more this year hopefully will keep getting better Jon
  11. Could you send me photos? Leehutchinson40@googlemail.com Jon
  12. 6XC brass

    I've just got R8 pro success in 6xc this was first 6 rounds spinning a load up very accurate, shot inch group at 395 yards other day
  13. scope covers

    Got some vortex defender caps last week and they seem good
  14. 243 Dies

    Full length bushing die and competition seater with micrometer

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