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  1. farmer t

    Another use for thermal

    ive got the latest from Clive Ward so my trusty Pulser 38s is up for sale just pm if interested. Hi Montey. Care to us all a review/comparison please?. Thanks. Tim
  2. Thinking of getting a range finder and was wondering what peoples thoughts were on having a weapon/scope mounted one or is hand held better?. Like the look of the Custom rifle scope weapon mounted day and night one. Are there any good day/night hand helds? Thanks. Tim
  3. farmer t

    Tikka M595 .22-250 Wanted

    I am looking for a left handed one, preferably shot out, If any body knows for one. Thanks. farmer t
  4. farmer t

    Tikka T3 Trigger guard / bottom metal parts

    You sorted. IF not I may have some bits here. Tim
  5. farmer t

    Tikka T3 5rd magazine 22-250

    Hi. Have a 3& 5 shot here. £35 posted for the pair. Tim
  6. farmer t

    270 with 90 grain sierra varmintor

    Have tried 90g in my 270's and could not get them to stabilize. when you get bullets going through a target sideways then you know its time to move on. 110g v max work fine.
  7. Hi. What price is the CR2 model for wooden stocks. Thanks. Tim
  8. farmer t

    lee collet decapping pin

    I bought some lee decappers of Ebay, came from USA in about a week.
  9. farmer t

    Dry firing

    Hi. Can you please explain "ball and blind" training. I am intrigued! farmer t
  10. farmer t

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    Just read this post for the first time.Last month was on a farm near Dorchester and the farmer was telling me they have a flock of about 80 ravens in the area.The devastation they were causing to his sheep at lambing was sickening. I have been using a thermal spotter for over two years and have yet to see a hedgehog! The public seem to think that nature is top end predators and protect them to the detriment of every species lower in the food chain, and livestock farmers whose stock provide easy food.
  11. farmer t

    11 twist 22-250

    Hi. Am getting a 22-250 with an 1 in 11 twist 19" barrel. What bullets do you think will be stable and be best for foxes etc. TIA Tim
  12. farmer t

    The Shooting Show

    Hi. I am hoping to go to the Shooting show on Saturday. Never been before and wondered what clothes i will need? I.e. how much is indoors and how much outside? Thanks. Farmer t
  13. Hi. Love this forum but have not posted before.Am in awe of the knowlege of most of the posters and how much rifles and ammo has moved on since i bought my rifles. My 25 year old Remmington 700 (left hand ) 22-250 is shot out. What have other people done or recomend and at what sort of cost? Dont really want to change rifle as it now is a old friend. Have been reading about Trueflight barels on here but can not see 22-250 barrels on there web site ? Thanks. Farmer t

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