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  1. If you get left with the bottom metal may I have first refusal please?
  2. 3 mags for the L, M and SSG: a .270, a 7x64 and a .22-250 (also advertised elsewhere). Bought some Styria Arms bottom metal for one of my SSGs so some of the mags I have acquired over the years for spares etc. are surplus to requirements. £35 each, posted. Also advertised elsewhere.

    Sorry to hear that Colin. My three mods are still going strong.
  4. Used rotary mag in good condition, £40 posted. Also offered elsewhere.
  5. Sling choice

    Take a look at http://-.no/int/thlr/rifle-slings
  6. Thankyou, sold to Mach1V pending the usual.
  7. As new mount with 30mm rings £200 posted. Also advertised elsewhere.
  8. .260 Redding Type S Bushing Style Neck Sizing Die. Boxed with one steel bushing (.286) and spare decapping pin. £55.00 posted. .260 Redding 2 Die Set.FL sizing die plus seating die, without shellholder, £40 posted. Also advertised elsewhere.
  9. Thanks but much too late. Bought elsewhere.
  10. I'd like these if they are blue please. Neil

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