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  1. button

    7x57 Brass

    Looking for some new or once fired 7x57 brass,please pm me if you have any for sale!
  2. interested in the press,how much?
  3. Hi,how much would you be after for the stock alone if you were to split atb!

  4. I'll take 224 - 52 grn Amax x 1 unopened box = £20
  5. Pm sent regarding thread protector!!
  6. For sale new Wilson Cartridge Headspace Case Gauge 50 BMG,new in box £45 posted!!
  7. button

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    Well i've been reading this post with interest the last couple of days and here's my tupensworth, I live up in the Western isles of Scotland and there's hundreds of ravens up here,now one of my permissions is 3 fields beside the local tip and all the ravens seem to flock around there scavenging for food,we are also pleaged with graylag geese on the island and have just finished a cull for SNH.I shoot these fields most days during the lambing but not for ravens but for the greylags as a lot of the sheep abort there lambs due to the goose droppings accumulated on the grass then the sheep tend to eat some of there droppings while grazing,in the 6 years I,ve been shooting there I have very seldom seen the ravens doing any damage to the lambs,however I have seen great black back gulls do serious damage to newly born lambs.The crofter who has the fields gets an out of season licence from SNH to shoot geese and ravens and my name is down on the licence as the shooter but I have never seen the need to shoot any ravens,I think the old raven seems to get the blame for ever lamb that gets killed up here but from what I've personally seen blackbacks and geese are responsible for just as many deaths if not more.I have never shot a raven to be honest but I have fed them plenty of greylag geese as I can't even give them away as dogfood up here and that's even me breasting them.Maybe i'm feeding them to much that they don't need any lambs,I would have thought that down south with the bigger breeds of sheep and lambs than the blackfaces we have up here it would be harder for the ravens to prey on them so much,now this is just my experience so be gentle with barrage of insults!!
  8. button

    7mm-08 Brass

    looking for some new or once fired 7mm-08 brass,if anyone has any for sale please pm me!!
  9. An Advanced Training Manual For Military & Police Snipers. Vgc 450 pages,£35 posted!!
  10. button

    Wanted Redding 222remington dies!

    As above,I'm looking to buy a set of Redding 222 dies if anyone has a set they would like to sell atb!
  11. button

    Picatinny 1" rings low or medium!

    Looking for a set of third eye tactical or recknagel scope rings,1 inch picatinny please,low or medium height,cash waiting,atb!

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