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  1. 300 norma magnum brass

    I sense some 300 norma mag and 7mm/300 norma mag rifles being built with lapuas new announcement!
  2. Can you send me a few pics please my email address is above thanks.
  3. Can you email pictures to g_hughes_123@yahoo.com please. What ret is in it?
  4. Are you still making mods Colin?
  5. Tier one uni mount

    Im after a long saddle tier one unimount 20moa 34mm ring and medium height. Anyone got anything? im after the pre monolyth version
  6. Scope is in likenew condition. Exact same as in the link. http://m.uttings.co.uk/p102732-bushnell-elite-6500-4-5-30x50-rifle-scope-654305md/#.WkY2VKKnyEd ยฃ400 + postage
  7. Chaz, how did you get on buying the scope direct? What do you think of the scope now you have it?
  8. Do you have any 34mm long asddle med height left?
  9. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    There used to bea guy onhere called โ€œRonnyโ€..........
  10. 6mm calibre choice

    I dont have any experience with anything biggerthan a 6x47 lapua but it will work great! if you go 6x284 you may well have to build a heavier rifle to follow impacts, just depends on youre type of shoting wether you carry the rifle much or if its solely static shooting.
  11. Best Wellies?

    Im a dairy farmer so I spend the best part of my life in wellies. Top spot I would have to say are the buckbootz from buckler, they are quite warm and light. I have had 3 pair over the last 2 years and cant fault them only the price seemed to rise drasticly when I went to buy another new pair a month ago. This time I have bought bekina steplites and I have to say these are very good too, maybe not just as warm as the bucklers but not bad. I wouldnt wear a cheap wellie as there is no support in them and they almost feel like slippers! Hunters........ way over priced and overrated.
  12. Does anyone have the modular evolution bipod? How do you rate it compared to the atlas? I like the look of the lock up facility on it.

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