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  1. BUMP £800.00 quid Cheers Stu 😁
  2. Bump with a Price reduction to £900.00 quid please Cheers Stu 😁
  3. BUMP Hi to all this scope is now back up for sale as the man above has Cocked πŸ‘ŽπŸ€” thamks for looking Cheers Stu 😁😁
  4. SOLD to JamesH payment pending cheers James 😁😁 Cheers Stu 😁😁
  5. KM primer pocket umiformers Sold to GunnerOne cheers Austen 😁 Cheers Stu
  6. Bump with a price reduction to Β£950.00 quid Cheers Stu
  7. Redding Shell holders and bushings SOLD to GT3 richy πŸ˜πŸ‘ Cheers richy Cheers Stu
  8. Hi all sorry if there’s been some confusion with my advert thinking I had some brass for sale iv now edited my advert now so it looks better as they are the case holders to go with the Wilson case trimmer and NOT fired and new brass 😳 thanks for looking Cheers Stu
  9. Sako 2 piece base SOLD to Woodlander Cheers Paul 😁😁
  10. Shooting Shed Cartridge Comparators SOLD to Johnnyb0_1 Cheers JP 😁😁
  11. All PM replied to Cheers
  12. For Sale WIlson Ultimate Stainless Case Trimmer with power adapter Black and decker cordless screwdriver Sinclair micrometer and 8no case holders for the following calibers 6.5x55 fired .243 / .308 fired 6.5x47 Lapua new and fired .223 fired .22-250 fired .243 new and fired £275.00 RCBS Handprimer 2no £45.00 each Hornady Lock-N-Load oal length gauge straight Hornady comparator body and 5no inserts 6no modified cases £100.00 Shooting Shed Cartridge comparators 6.5x55 .223 .308 and a .243 lower £80.00 SOLD 😁 Redding Nitride bushings .270 / .269 / .246 £40.00 SOLD 😁 KM primer pocket uniformers 2no small and large primers £30.00 SOLD 😁 Sako 75 / 85 two piece picatinny bases £25.00 SOLD 😁 Tikka T3 Tactical bolt handle straight black nob with stainless shaft £30.00 Redding Shell holders 2no 7s / 1no 10 / 1no 1 £ 15.00 SOLD 😁 Redding free floating carbide button kit .22 Caliber £15.00 all used but very good condition thanks for looking
  14. For Sale ZEISS V6 CONQUEST 2-12X50 with illuminated Reticle no 60 new in the box with all the paper work never been on a rifle they cost Β£1380.00 new Β£800.00 plus the postage please thanks for looking I can email pics nee bother

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