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  1. For sale Blaser F3 thumb grip stock the stock was made by Manuel Ricardo and has an adjustable Combe I can email pics £595.00 please Cheers Stu 😁 e
  2. Hi there thanks for the reply mate but sorry I want to sell the lot as a package Cheers Stu 😁
  3. Bump price reduced to £200.00 Cheers Stu ?
  4. Bump price reduced cheers Stu
  5. For Sale Leica CRF Rangmaster 900 in meters good condition complete with canvas belt pouch I can email pictures nee bother thanks for looking £225.00 plus the postage
  6. BUMP £800.00 quid Cheers Stu ?
  7. Bump with a Price reduction to £900.00 quid please Cheers Stu ?

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