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I am sure I heard someone say that there was now a way of getting Strelok pro despite the best efforts of the geriatric old fart in the White House. My friend (uses Apple iPhone) really needs a copy and it would appear that it's not in the AppStore.

Anyone on here know how I can help him?

I've tried lots of alternatives, but none come close IMHO

I've invested in a Kestrel, but so far Strelok has proved better in the real range situation. Maybe when I get better at programming the Kestrel that may change 🤣


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Assuming iphone?  Have you had it before on a previous phone, if so, download imazing onto your pc, then you can transfer old files using your apple log in, if like me you've changed phone and ID, you still need imazing, but need someone to email you a strelok file, then with a bit of mucking about you can get it on your phone

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I’ve used both Lapua 6DOF and TRASOL apps for the iPhone and both were excellent - really spot on.

I even tested them against each other and they gave basically the same outputs (like only 0.1mil difference for a 600m shot).

I don’t use either app anymore purely because I prefer using the Kestrel on the range (I’ve dropped my phone in the mud and puddles too many times in the past). 

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The Chairgun elite app on the playstore is very similar to Strelok pro, also there is a facebook group for Strelok pro and apparently transfer from Iphone to Iphone using the "imazing app" doing on android is easy with the smart switch app

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