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Soviet Olympic/Match firearms – Manuals wanted


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I'm new to the Forum. I hope I chose the right discussion panel for my question.

I’d like to ask if among the Forum Members are owners/users of the Soviet Olympic/Match firearms ( imported in the 60’s to UK ) who would be willing to share Manuals/technical instructions of their weapon?

Please have a look at the old advert of the Soviet Olympic weapon offered in UK in the 60’s :

I assume that since the Soviet firearms were advertised in UK, there should be owners, who perhaps still have a full factory set, including the manuals.

I managed to collect a small Soviet Olympic team – MC-13 [ МЦ-13 / Mts-13 / MU-13 ], Typhoon-3 [ Тайфун-3 ] and MC-2-3 [ МЦ-2-3 / Mts-2-3 / MU-2-3 ] but unfortunately without original documents, accessories, spare parts. In fact I do not even know the manufacture year of my rifles – my MC-13 and Typhoon-3 do not have a manufacture year stamped on the top of the receiver. I wonder if it is possible to assess the manufacture period by the serial number? My MC-13 s/n is NH 240, Typhoon-3 s/n is M247. 

I'll be grateful if owners of the Soviet match firearms could share their opionon, experience and knowlegde.

Soviet Olympic Team VII.jpg

Soviet Olympic weapon advert 1962.png

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Bought a Vostok a few years ago for £100 - hoping to rebuild it into a 22RF benchgun. The chunky action looks good but the set triggers were not so good. I still have action and cutdown barrel if you need spares.

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By Vostok you mean MC-12 rimfire rifle? £100 for an MC-12 was a great deal - in the 60's the price was 79 £ :) while an average salary was 100£ per month ( according to Wikipedia ).

I found one for sale in Hungary - definitely UK import, there are UK proofs stamped on the receiver, for 635 EUR. Import procedure and trasnport costs would double ( at least ) the price, so I let i go. 

I'm looking for spares but rather an accessories and tool box than the rifle parts.


MC-12 tool box.jpg

MC-12 H401 Hungarian offer 635 EUR (II).png

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