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Thoughts: GRS Warg custom stock with 16.5 inch .223 barrel….

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Been shooting traditionally stocked rifles for years - but want to have a range and varminter rifle.  

Held a GRS Warg custom stock .223 with 16.5inch barrel at the gunsmiths the other day and fatally fell in love.  Help me understand:  why might is need a  M Lok mounting system (surely it blocks where the scope is looking?) and what might I use the Picatinny rails for?  

The gunsmith knowing looked at me that the rifle would be more accurate than me out to 800yrds - even at 16.5 inches. Is this just a sales pitch?  Want to ask some thoughts from people who don’t want to sell me something! 

Thanks for any thoughts….

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The warg is so similar to the Beserk but with the different forend. The NV bridge is useful the hunters in the state who use front add on NV. Over here it really isn’t any use as the front mounted NV are usually better used at low magnification and don’t suit fox shooting at any real distance. The NV bridge shouldn’t affect sight picture unless using very low magnification X1 or X2. The Beserk stock used to retail at half the price of the Warg. No idea what the rrp is now days though. It might save you some money if you don’t need the forend that takes accessories.  

16.5” barrel is pretty short and would put most people off. I’m not experienced enough to really comment however when I was looking at chopping mine down I did find that it lost out considerably in the wind beyond 600m. That’s with a fast twist and heavy bullets. If it’s a slow twist shooting lightweight bullets you really are going to struggle to be happy at 800m. 

i am sure some one will be a long that shoots CSR with a 16.5” barrel regularly who can provide actual experience. 

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If you like the GRS stocks the Warg offers the most flexibility for bipods and forward mounting NV/TI. I’ve been using a front mounted thermal over the weekend and it’s been good enough for me to want to thin out some of my dedicated night rifles.

Regarding distance, I’ve a couple of 223’s that are more than happy at 800y, though you have to be on the ball with wind. However I’ve no experience with a short 223.

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