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Remington 870 for Practical Shotgun

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I’ve joined a practical shotgun club and am now a full member with an FAC shotgun slot on my ticket. I’m going down the pump-action route because I get my semi-auto / magazine-fed kicks from mini rifle so pump feels wholly different.

After doing a bit research (and also trying several different club guns in Section 2 form) I’ve decided I’d like a Remington 870. My list of desirables were cheapish, customisable and reliable. Another key driver was that I wanted to be able to adjust length of pull because I’m fairly short (with associated fairly short arms!) and like the pumping range of motion closer to my body rather than feeling like my arm is quite extended when the action had a cartridge chambered. For this reason I wanted one of the Magpul stocks with spacers plus matching pump. These are only made for Remington 870s and Mossberg 590s.

Now, to the part I’m struggling with - sourcing the magpul stock and pump / handguard is easy enough, but I never thought I’d struggle to get a suitable base model to stick them on! The best model seemed to be the fieldmaster, which has a more basic grade of wood stock and a treated - as opposed to blued - receiver and barrel compared to the wingmaster, giving me the receiver I want without paying for a stock I’m not going to use. Ideally, I’d like a 24” barrel, but it looks like 

the shortest I can get on any 870 model in the U.K. is 26”, which I’ll settle for.

Does anybody know where I can acquire a 26” barrel FAC Remington 870 fieldmaster? Because I’m struggling to find one! Also, I know this probably isn’t the best forum for this question, I just don’t know any U.K.-focused practical shooting ones so if anyone can suggest a better place to post then I shall!

Thanks in advance.

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I just changed from a traditional shaped stock to a pistol grip stock, handling has vastly improved, however (possibly just me) I know have to relearn loading drills, with the standard stock I found weak hand loading easier, now with the pistol grip, strong hand feels better

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