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Scope rings advice


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Hi i have a Zeiss conquest 6.5 - 20 x 50 mc  with target turrets  1” tube,

Which i am thinking of putting on my 

6mmbr   rifle, 1-8 ,24” barrel. 
Using 107 gr heads

which has a 20 moa rail, fitted ( non removable)

would I be able to use it out to 1000/1100  yrds 

Or would I need more moa , ie mounts ect 

also I need some advice on some 1” qr Mounts  saddle s/a or  two piece which would be best 

thanks in advance 


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Looks like the Zeiss has 45 moa of elevation, is this on the BAT?

Thats means you should have 42.5 moa of elevation IF the barrel is plumbed dead centre and you have the true amount of elevation on your scope

Looking at the ballistics of that bullet if youre pushing it about 2800 then youll need circa 23/24 moa to 1000 (that seems low) so you should be fine.

If you have a 100 yard zero, take the turrets up as far as you can and see what you can get to but its looking like 1k is possible

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6 hours ago, furrybean said:

How often are you shooting 1k? There are better scope tbh

Mounts, I use Spuhr

Cheers dan

not very often to be honest 

on average every other month 

I have just sold my ior recon as it wasn’t getting used much,

had the zeiss so thought I’d make use of it 

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