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.22 Grendel

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5 hours ago, terryh said:

Shameful plug: just selling a fast twist 22-250 which handles the heavier 80g bullets. Concur you could run ‘F-Class silly’ loads but sensible loads and still plenty accurate enough with acceptable barrel life.


Yes fine as a Varminter, but not as a high annual round count rifle for serious competition. The Canadians didn't give up on 223 Rem, but instead were leaders in developing very effective long-range heavy bullet loads.

One of the reasons the Americans have taken so much to the Grendel is that combined with its suitability for AR-15s is long barrel in its 'cooking' 6.5mm version - 9/10,000 rounds isn't unusual. The .22 version will only give a fraction of that, but like your 22-250 fast-twist rifle, is more of a specialised varmint round. (Even so, in an ergonomic, well-built AR with functioning gas system, it would probably take greater strength of will than I possess not to p*ss the barrel life away as this must be a real fun combination begging to 'kill' rocks and old cans!)    

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I started out wanting better performance from small frame AR Platform.... I decided to base it off the Grendel case (when I found one on ground at the range) .

I machined reamers , dies for a minimum taper , 40° Case and chambered a 14 twist 22" barrel and fitted ot to AR.

Was so impressed with performance and precision I built a long 7 twist for AR, again was impressed .... now I have 3 bolt barrels chambered and getting ready to chamber a 12 twist for a Ruger action. 

IMO is an awesome small cal rifle to chamber.

Forming brass is a pain but worth it IMO if one has an AR Platform and wants bolt guns for convenience of using same brass, dies etc.

I use Norma 22 or 6 PPC brass as it has largest capacity.  Just shy of 38 gr h2o


I'm sure some would say my loads are too high of pressure. Some cases have almost 20 reloads of 88 eldm @ 3000 fps.

load testing have pushed 88 to 3075 , 75 gr 3300, 53 gr 3900 40 gr to 4100. This is from 26" barrels.

If I was not invested in AR and only building bolt gun one of the BR offspring would be a better choice IMO

This being the my first 40° Case..... I will not build anything other than 40° design! 

The 284 wildcat I just put together is also a 40° and is like the 22 Grendel IMP ...AWESOME! 


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