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.32 Winchester Special cases needed!


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No really going to help now, but it might be worth getting Henry Krank's to (back) order you some Starline 32 Winchester Special cases.

Even though Henry Krank's doesn't list them, they should be able to order them with their next Starline order if you ask them nicely. They did the same for me with a load of 327 Federal Magnum and 32 H&R Magnum cases.

Starline 32 Winchester Special are on backorder on the company's website at the moment (link). As such, and in the mean time, maybe just neck up a small batch of 30-30 Winchester Centerfire (WCF) cases as you previously mentioned. It will be a shame the head stamps don't match, but 30-30 WCF cases are far easier to find and at least you'll have some cases to use.

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