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  1. Sorry, I keep forgetting not everyone wants to reload! As stated by RobinC and seconded by Popsbengo, buy some preloaded commercial/MIL-Surp ammo that is known to work well in 1:7"-1:8" twist firearms. Try this ammo and if the groups are still pants, then the problem may be down to a sow's ear of a gun unfortunately. Can't help you with ammo selection as I don't have any firearms in 223 Remington, mine are mostly chambered for odd-ball calibres.
  2. Attached is a QuickLOAD export Excel file that lists a range of powders 'supposedly' suitable for use with the 223 Remington when loaded with a 77 grain Sierra Match King to a COAL of 2.260", and fired from a 12" barrelled firearm. The maximum chamber pressure is as per CIP (4,300 bar/62,366 PSI). I can do different pressure levels, bullets, COALs, etc... Be aware it's just a guide, but it does give you an idea, if you reload, what powders will likely give you the best burn percentage in your short barrel and potentially the highest muzzle velocity. I'm not sure if you can do these p
  3. As to loading advice for this short 223 Remington rifle, what exactly is the barrel length? Other than powder burn inefficiencies, what's the problem? A shorter barrel should be stiffer, but it will oscillate at a higher frequency, which I guess may make round tuning harder? You should be able to just take normal 223 load data for AR-15 style firearms, albeit the velocity will be lower. If you want better ballistic efficiency, use the load data given, but choose the faster burning powders. I've seen 'jacket' separation/expansion many times on plated bullets, for example with H&N and t
  4. Well, there's a couple of reasons I can think of off my head. The first is that a rapid expansion vermin (varmit/varmint) type with a thin jacket fired at high speed and high spin may break up, or fly erratically. Not experienced it myself, so can't say for sure of its validity, but it makes sense especially if the jacket is partially cut-through by the rifling. The second is a bit more complex. Just because something is gyroscopically stable, doesn't mean it's dynamically stable. You have to remember that the gyroscopic and dynamic stability both change as the projectile moves downr
  5. You can use Doppler radar to track and give velocities of multiple projectiles, rockets, missiles, etc., as I used to do it all the time with sabotted, other types of ammunition and missiles that spat our or projected more than one thing. The control software and I presume internal hardware of the Labradar is unfortunately simply not set up for this sort of thing though. If asked to instrument trials using shotguns, I'd have used smaller skyscreens or a light boxes, some example hardware in the links below. http://www.prototypa.com/ls-01l-intelligent-light-gates-1 https://msinst
  6. I concur with what DaveT stated about first setting the LabRadar to pistol speed (600-1,600 fps), but I have no idea about the recoil-based trigger, as I use the acoustic (microphone) trigger? For the acoustic trigger, as long you get the trigger level right (setting '1' is the most sensitive) it should function fine. A 22 RF certainly recoils, though not that much. Using the recoil trigger with 22 LR blow-back semi-auto may be a problematic as the gun first moves back, then the bolt moves back, and then the bolt is buffered (if one's present), or slams into the rear of the action. As suc
  7. I've got the 11th Edition Hornady reloading book, and it's mostly Americocentric powder wise for 120-123 grain bullet weights for the 6.5 Hornady Creedmoor cartridge. There are some Norma offerings, but none from Vihtavuori, or Reload Swiss (see later comment). For 123 grain ELD-M at a COAL of 2.710", their charge weight range for Reloder 15 (RL15) is 36.1 to 39.5 grains. For RL17 the range is 40.7 to 44.3 grains. As you and many others are aware RL17 is essentially the Nitrochemie Wimmis Reload Swiss product RS60, which has simply been rebranded for the US audience. As such you shou
  8. Hi Frederick, I think the people here would be most willing to help you, but you might need to specify the cartridge the powders and Hornady 123 grain match projectile will be used with? I take it that the projectile is more specifically the 123 gr 6.5 mm ELD Match and from the prior charge weight of N150 you have used that the cartridge is the 6.5 Creedmoor. Neil
  9. Prove it scientifically and I'll believe you. Until then this is simply hearsay and your particular view on the subject. An experienced view, but just a view nonetheless. Plus I'm not one of the "idle sods who say its a waste of time, because they are talking out of their arse". I have a pretty good grasp of degree level maths, physics, engineering and chemistry, so please don't be so insulting. Frankly without actual scientific proof you could be speaking out of your posterior region just as loudly.
  10. I frankly think it's mostly a load of old cobblers with high-quality produced barrels, but each to their own. And hey, if you want to put x amount of rounds through the barrel and increase the initial wear on it, that is quite up to you. Until I see scientifically-collected data showing the difference in accuracy from a collection of the same make and initial quality barrels that are then tested after they have and haven't been broken in, I think most of this barrel break-in stuff is just hearsay and voodoo magic. I'd also like to see the wear and the heating profile per round or fro
  11. No really going to help now, but it might be worth getting Henry Krank's to (back) order you some Starline 32 Winchester Special cases. Even though Henry Krank's doesn't list them, they should be able to order them with their next Starline order if you ask them nicely. They did the same for me with a load of 327 Federal Magnum and 32 H&R Magnum cases. Starline 32 Winchester Special are on backorder on the company's website at the moment (link). As such, and in the mean time, maybe just neck up a small batch of 30-30 Winchester Centerfire (WCF) cases as you previously mentioned. I
  12. Try MME Custom Rifle Bullets (http://mmeriflebullets.co.uk). You have the Wimbledon Match, Mistral and Mistral-T to choose from. The Wimbledon Match is his equivalent of a Sierra Match King, available in flat base or rebated boat-tail. The Mistral are a hybrid ogive bullet like many Berger bullets, but with a rebated boat-tail, Finally the Mistral-T, which is an aluminium alloy-tipped version of the Mistral as far as I can remember. Peter Watson will make, within reason, any weight of the above you want.
  13. I'll update the spreadsheet and correct the screen capture (I cut off the heading row) later when I get time.
  14. Try this list in Excel and as a screen capture. 6 mm PPC USA Listed Bullets.xlsx
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