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Bought a weatherflow to use with StrelokPro which I run on my iPhone 7 struggling a bit and when watching videos on YouTube seem to have different layouts , is the iPad a different set up to iPhone hopefully I am making sense 

regards lee 


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It sinks etc but after watching some YouTube the lay out on app on my iPhone 7 seems different to ones shown changing dof without touching meter etc so was asking essentially is there a phone version and iPad version I would have thought pro was pro if that makes sense 



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If you down load the weather flow app for it you need to calibrate the compass on it. Then switch to StrelokPro and hit the blue symbol then it just pops up with readings

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So downloaded weatherflow app and calibrated compass , so am I right in now thinking once calibrated StrelokPro to target one , it’s just a matter of only pointing phone at target two and pressing calibrate again job done? 

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Once you have blue dot flashing on Bluetooth page of StrelokPro then switch use phone compass then point phone in direction of fire press calibrate then switch phone compass off and you should have new direction saved. If you change dof again repeat process. 

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