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Tikka Bullpup

Dr Spin

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My current project in progress - bullpup my old T3 308. The stock was from an AirArms S410 and I originally bought it to convert my Ruger 10/22 but thought if I'm doing all this work I want to do it on my 308. I have had to plug the middle stock screw hole and hole for the pressure gauge. Front stock screw inletting to be completed. These are all to be reshaped when I sand and revarnish the stock. Next jobs - fit a trigger and carbon fibre connecting rod to the original unit now housed in the stock, mount a forward picatinny rail and a cheek piece over the top of the picatinny rail. I normally use the gun with an Ase Utra moderator which I intend to replace with a lighter mod to maximise the handling. Any (sensible) suggestions welcome. Dr S

Tikka Bullpup.jpg

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Very interesting, unusual and not something I’ve seen done to a T3 before.

When the rifle is shouldered, how easy is it to manipulate the bolt fully? Or do you use the left hand to hold the rifle by the forearm, pop the butt out of the shoulder pocket and then cycle the bolt?

good luck with it!

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Its single action at the moment so I will be dropping it out the shoulder anyway. A USA company have started building a bullpup with a bolt handle adaptor which allows cycling in the shoulder. They have also worked with Timney to get their trigger pull down to 3 ounces minimum! Very nice piec of kit!



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Just been working on that this afternoon. I've taken the picatinny rail and that riser block off as in the original photo from my first post leaving the original tikka rail as fitted. Making a hardwood cheek piece and fixing to the rail. Looking at the Air rifle bullpups it doesn't take a large pad to set up your eye alignment to the scope and some even come with no cheekpieces. An adjustable curved carbon fibre one would be good but I doubt I could find exactly the right shape and I don't know how to make one out of carbon fibre. MDT have a cheekpiece on their stocks that looks good - see picture below

  Once the pad is made its setting the scope rail position for height and distance along the barrel and finally making the trigger extension rod. 



cheek riser MDT.PNG

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On 10/29/2019 at 4:10 PM, clover said:

I'd advise you stick with the heavier mod until you've tried it as it'll probably be massively arse-heavy so any additional mass at the front will most likely aid stability..

With this S&B 1.5-6 x42 scope its mounted quite forward and until I fire it, it might be enough weight to balance it. The gun seems to settle well into my shoulder so I hardly feel any weight in my hands now. I would like to keep the weight down to an absolute minimum. I had a AR15 M4 with a short barrel and found it very loud even with a mod on so if I have to wear muffs I might dispense with a mod altogether? I will also look into getting a stronger and contoured picatinny rail mount.

Schmidt 1 20.JPG

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