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QD mount return to zero

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Hi, I am wondering about getting one piece mounts with Quick detach for my rifle scopes as a way of avoid safe damage and getting the full rifle capacity out of my safes

is there any experience out there on how reliably they return to zero? I am talking quality, monolithic units such as spuhr, AD or the new Tier ones?




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I use the Recknagal Era-Tac one piece QD mount, 20MOA, and it is simply stunning.

Use it on my 6.5x47 / .338 Norma Mag and have had zero issues with return to zero at all.

Beautifully machined,  totally solid and reliable. Previously owned Tier One tac rings and personally I think the Era-Tac quality is better. Easily on par with SPUHR quality, however SPUHR QD mounts were more expensive and I felt the locking/latch mechanism to be a bit more petite on the SPUHR. The Era-Tac are big and solid, easy to use with gloves and just give the impression they'd never break/snap.



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1 hour ago, Hobbit said:

Is your 6.5x47 / .338 Norma Mag two rifles that share the scope or a switch barrel job?

Switch barrel tube gun.

I went with the QD mount primarily because it's easier for storage and transportation.

But, I had also thought what if I ever did buy another rifle (though my tube gun is a 'once in a lifetime, if I could own just own one rifle to do anything & everything' gun) the QD mount does give me the option to reuse same mount and optics on a different rifle. Personally I wouldn't fancy shelling out £2k+ for another PMII 5-25x56


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10 hours ago, Hobbit said:

Got it


Is that a tubb gun?

Is there a POI shift between calibers? do you need to re-zero?


No it's a full custom job with every component chosen and imported (mostly from the States) myself. It was chambering, threading and proofing done over here.

Heart of the action is a Defiance Machine Mutant action (designed for the Eliseo RTM tube gun chassis) with a .308w bolt face and 2nd bolt for .338 Norma/Lapua, the Eliseo chassis itself with two lowers (short action and long action).

I'll do a full write up and post pictures at some point.

Regarding the scope and poi, whilst they're are very different calibres, their dope to around 600m is fairly similar. But what I do is simply zero for one calibre and note my dope. Then switch to the other barrel and start at my 100m zero but note my elevation. Then use my trajectory values but add on the original value. I then make up range cards and shoot off those. Perfect. No need to constantly re zero for either calibre. 

A good vid on this is Eric Cortina (on the US F class team). 


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