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L.P.S.C results for 18th of Feb

No i deer

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It was a decent morning for 1000yds snapshooting.the sun came out a few times but mainly overcast.not cold and wind from 7 o'clock slightly fishtailing.a poor turnout again.

Myself started well with 3 great siters stacked and overlapping about 7 inches right of centre.great elevations.i ruin my score by dailing the wrong way and put all 4 shots just off the edge onto the backer.i realised what I had done and dialled back so I was back on coarse.i didn't realise I had others that made the backer then on the 20 second detail had a misfeed and only got 3 of my 4 shots off.second COF I dialled wrong way again and lost my way so I stopped shooting :wacko:.blonde moments or what...!

Ive only dialled wrong once before which was years ago then cock up twice in one day.oh well it happens.keith had a good first shoot ?.I recovered well on the 3rd COF with my 6.5x47 with out dialling wrong :D.More shooters turned up for the afternoon session which was good to see.as usual after zeroing then on to do a Cof point of impact changes.my 6.5x47 shot different on all 4 COF's :wacko:.good old magpie alley ;)

It was a great day as usual

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