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Wind deflection: .22LR at 50m

brown dog

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Gusty here; just given up on shooting for group at 50m with a new 22.


Just did some googling to quantify 22lr wind deflection - interesting read here: http://www.gunsmoke.com/guns/1022/22drift_cross.html


For subsonics, looks to be around 1.2" of deflection at 50m / 55yds for a 10mph wind


- so 0.12" per mph


-so a wind gusting +/- 2mph -will give a 0.44" lateral dispersion


+/- 3mph will give 0.72"


All that before all the other 'system' errors.


No wonder I got frustrated!



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.....and 5+ inches at 100y,10 mph wind effect alone.


...And yes a bit more with an air rifle pellet,starting at 12ft lb velocity.

Deflection is in general,decreased by increased bullet speed and weight-but these two,of course,play against each other...and BC comes in (for distance and cf performance).


Use a 308 then? 155g@2750 (BC.435).... under an inch at 100y,22.5" at 500,and....ouch....112" at 1000y.

204 ? 32@4225 (BC.210)......1'at 100, 32 " at 500,......and 188 " at 1000y



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BD I would be happy with just 10 to 15Kt of wind. Trying for crows in 20 to 30 Kt winds is a lottery, even at very short range. Shooting the .22lr with subs out the back, I can see the bullet drift in flight when shooting out past 40 to 50m.

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The drift with rimfires is minimal compared to PCPs I've recently found.


My 40ft/lb .22 shooting 18 grainers is shocking at 50yds. On my 80yd gong hanging in the trees, I reckon I have to allow about 7-8" even in ~5mph breeze

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