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hilleberg tents


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Jason, I've never had a Hilleberg but I can vouch for Terra Nova as an alternative which are made in the UK. The Hyperspace will be a bit big for your needs (but I've been all over with mine, its not bad to carry). I got mine about 9 years ago and its had some serious use and been bomb proof in some horrendous weather - it still looks as good as new. The Quasar will be the one to look at :)



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Thanks, I need a two man and would like a reasonsble porch space too, weights not really an issue and I would prefer to buy british if atall possible,need a tent that will last forever lol

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Curled up in my Terra Nova Hyperspace tonight, had a bit of rain but it cleared up just before dusk. I have a small camping gas lantern lit which warms everything through and provides a nice light. Nice strong 3G signal too :D Go with a Terra Nova you won't regret it!

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Mountain equipment dragonfly very good, very light, pitches fly and inner together or inner or fly only, so very versatile for varying environments, so pitching as fly only very similar to being under a tarp, or for very warm climates, same with pitching inner only, good for warm dry seasons in areas where insects are problematic, or used as standard mountain tent for all season all mountain tent.

Had one for 4 years now, love it.

Wildcountry also have some very good 2 man tents and have used them in the past, a bit heavy though, even if you spilt the poles between group members.

Hillberg Allak very good tent, never had one personally but lots of mates have tried them in the past, have slept in one, free standing and good vestible areas.

Terra nova Quasar has been one of its best selling tents of all time and is pretty bomb proof, had one for a while but sold it and got a Mountain Hardwear Trango, overkill for anything but winter and cold, used it in dolomites, a bit too warm for summer alpinism!

All round UK use is my dragonfly, very light, packs small so good for bike paniers, canoe trips and stuffing in rucksack for wild camping. Its big for 1 person and cosy with 2, which is good in winter when you want less air volume in the tent to heat up.


Best thing to do is take a trip down to N Wales when Cotswold have their yearly tent show in Betws y Coed, loads of tent pitched out on the green, so you can crawl in and out to your hearts content and have a real good look at the different designs, plus its a weekend away!

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A bit late in replying, bought one yet? Have had a Hilleberg Nallo 3 for 13 years, used it for canoeing and backpacking in Sweden, France and UK. Several visits to Cairngorms in winter, never let me down and coped with really strong winds. Only recently , the groundsheet has started to leak which is fair enough after all the usage. Chose the nallo 3 as it has loads of room for two people, good space in the vestibule for cooking. Expensive but good investment.

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I like Hilliberg


If weight / bulk no problem I would choose a tent size for one more person than will be using it


You probably familiar with http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ for overland trips by bike


I've driven round Africa myself (London to Capetown and back up via Egypt) - I found the above forum to be a very valuable source of info from everything from kit to routes and way points



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