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  1. Andyb

    Cz replacement stock

    I’ll ask my mate and get back to you thanks
  2. A friend of mine has a Cz 452 sillouette in .22 and the stock is cracked does anyone know a place to get a replacement reasonably cheap as the gun isn’t worth a lot and he doesn’t want to spend a load of money on the gun cheers Andy
  3. Ill take this at asking if still available
  4. Ill take this at asking if still available
  5. hi rob see ya got registered then

  6. Well done on the pass,I have got my dsc1 this month...Did you read the book cover to cover a few times or did you just take in over the lectures,I am the same as you when it comes to revising for stuff ha ha...Ive been out popping a few targets to sharpen up my shooting skills so hopefully i will be ok with that side of the course,its the amount of info in the book that needs to be remembered that has got me worried ha ha
  7. Looks like you had a great time ,is it your permission or were they paid stalks,if so what were the prices if you dont mind me asking
  8. Anyone a member cos my mate is wanting me to try this out so that we be able to try out a few different locations,or is it not worth the bother
  9. Very nice,where do you do your stalking mate,are you in a syndicate or paid stalks
  10. Andyb

    Advice on 308 purchase

    well the 223 i am trading in is a tikka t3 lite in stainless and laminated stock and i must admit i do like the gun . . But i do like to try new things but if thats the best option out there it could be another tikka
  11. I am gonna do a 1 for 1 variation on my ticket from a 223 to a 308 for stalking deer next year,so can anyone recomend me a 308 for between a budget of about £700/£1000... The cheaper the better as i want to put a moderator on it,I already have the scope off my 223 so its just the gun i am after.....So whats the best out there for that price not fussed if its second hand as long as its in good nick ..... Cheers in advance Andy
  12. Andyb

    Barnaul Rounds

    I have always wondered about no good for live quarry...I think the FMJ was produced under the geneva convention but at the end of the day if i was hit by a 5.56 FMJ the chances are i would not survive if the shot was placed where i wanted it................I doubt mant shots are through and through...........by the way i have never used FMJ's on live quarry before anyone starts
  13. Andyb

    Exciting news

    Thats what was on my certificate from day one i couldnt believe it when i was issued an open cert from day one.....
  14. Andyb

    Barnaul Rounds

    Has anyone used barnaul rounds before and possibly tell me your opinions on them...The rounds my local gun club have in are 55g fmj they will be used in a tikka t3 lite...I can get them for 15 quid a 100
  15. Andyb

    Exciting news

    Cograts on the open ticket,what is the actual wording on your cert to say that your ticket is open.....I only ask this because when i got my first cert i rang up the Firearms Dept to ask about an open ticket and they told me i had been granted one on my first application.....When i re-newed my cert recently i asked the FLO about it and he said that it is unusual to get an open ticket on your first application and that the restriction is normally lifted upon your first renewal. I dont know if this varies from police force to another but its just what my FLO told me....There seem to be a lot of confusion about this even amongst the Flo's so i was just wondering how it was actually worded on your ticket..... Regards Andy

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