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  1. Bump. Offer me on it, looking around £1900-2000.
  2. Update: Noveske is once again available, Nightforce ATACR 4-32 with SPUHR is also still available.
  3. Good for training within 50yds, i.e a lot of "tactical" disciplines. Hopefully someone who knows a bit more will see this thread and chime in, I can't seem to get any idea from around the internet regarding it's legality. Legal definition of a shotgun doesn't seem to mention the projectiles, and even so, FAC shotguns can be given with slugs?
  4. Hmm... Surely Baldie or someone will have had a request of build one of these before 🤔
  5. Bit of a necromantic bump here... But would this be considered legal here? Or failing that, Could a 24" .223 unrifled-barrel make an AR15 considered a S1-Semi Automatic shotgun?
  6. Noveske is now reserved. For the love of god someone buy this NX8 off me before I put it on a .338.
  7. I had another buyer on this site who bid 1900 who then flaked out when it became time to pay... won't name names because I know people are having a rough time just now.
  8. Bump. Reduced Price on the the Nightforce + Spuhr combo by another 10%. Final reduction.
  9. BUMP! LMT Now sold, Noveske + Nightforce still available!
  10. Bump! As its black friday PM me/ post offers. I'll consider them all.
  11. Second only to a KAC receiver set. On which note: if anyone reading this has one, I will buy it.
  12. Definitely! Only the Noveske is rimmy though, the LMT is a 308! Dropped the prices a bit as I realised I paid less than I thought for the LMT 😅

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