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  1. SYNDICATE SPACES Walk one stand one shoot based just outside Canterbury. All Saturdays 8 days shooting, plus vermin days. Countryside alliance membership included in price. Preference given to those with there own tools, brush cutter, chainsaw etc... Working dog preferred, but not essential. £750 full gun £375 half gun (4days) Pm me or call shoot captain 07970 758791
  2. rimmie

    204 Ruger

    Yes love mine !!
  3. Sports match mount 1” CZ 527 30mm Tikka T3 £25 a set
  4. rimmie

    Mark Felton Productions.

    Yes, very good they are to.
  5. You’ll get nothing from me until my personal details are taken off all forums, like I told you.
  6. Sales topic removed by admin. Sales rules broken, items advertised elsewhere causing issues between seller and purchaser. This is why the Rules are in place.
  7. rimmie


    Yes it is
  8. rimmie


    6,7,800 years + depends on how good you’re ballistics data is.
  9. rimmie


    I have a .204 it’s is an amazing round, laser beam accurate with little recoil. Get one you will love it !!! this is mine
  10. Mint condition, superb glass £420 inc post https://imgur.com/a/QZ47vte
  11. rimmie

    HELP !! Screw rounded off

    SUCCESS !!!! that was a twitchy bum moment.

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