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  1. Sherlock


    I used Kroil for years - great stuff. But I was told that it was not being imported to the UK anymore. The stocks that are left - seemed to have mysteriously doubled in price. (I was paying about Β£12) There are certainly alternatives that are just as good. ATB S
  2. Sherlock

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    Looks like some decent accuracy nodes. 😎 But I would be tempted to throw a few more logs on the fire and find an accuracy node higher up the charge weights. Your velocities at present are slower than a 223 can shoot these bullets. My own 22Br zips 69g TMKs at 3315 fps with real precision.
  3. Sorry this has SOLD . Should have updated - My Bad πŸ‘
  4. Sherlock

    Hornady 147 eld

    I am getting 2880fps from a 26in tube 😎
  5. Sherlock

    Hornady 147 eld

    I found the 147 ELDs one of the easiest bullets to find an accurate load for. Using Vit 160 - all loads were under 0.25 moa
  6. Still here - Top Quality Optics
  7. Gents I am selling my NF NXS 8-32x56 IR scope. I purchased this recently as my eyes sight isn't as good as it used to be and I wanted more mag than i had with my old 3-12 Meopta. But its just too much scope for my 223 and i prefer my Kahles K624i on my Creed TBH . - Therefore its up for grabs. The scope is in good condition - but there are some scuff type marks on the tube / scope body - nothing too bad and I will add pics to show. The lenses and glass are perfect and obviously has the incredible build quality and reliability that NF have their reputation built on Scope details below > Mag range - 8-32 > Reticule - NPR2 reticule in SFP > Illuminated Reticule > MOA Adjustments - 65 MOA elevation > 30 mm tube > NF mounts are available More info here - https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/nightforce-nxs-8-32x56-sfp-illuminated-non-zero-stop-riflescope-moar-t-0-125-moa Inspection welcome - Β£950 Posted Thanks for looking S
  8. Sherlock

    Adjustable Comb

    Just spoken with Simon. He said that he doesn't do the conversion work on Rifles anymore - Just Shotguns - Bummer
  9. Hi James. Is that your best price - as its not that much below brand new. Genuinely interested
  10. Guys. I got this for a present at Christmas and I have never used it once. ( as I have a couple of other WMs) Details on the Kestrel 1000 https://r-p-r.co.uk/kestrel/1000-handheld-wind-meter.php As said brand now - Β£35 posted
  11. Hi - Quick question Is the manufacturers warrantee transferable to the person buying the scope ?.
  12. Sherlock

    52gr eld .223

    That's the problem. A lot of target bullets don't come to a sudden stop, they simple carry on straight through leaving exit hole and cause minimal damage. I was using 52 Amax in my 22br last night and they certainly expand … , Sorry never tried the 52g ELD bullets
  13. HI Buddy. What ( if anything ) is left for sale. Intersted in the Tierone 180mm carbon tactical bipod! In the tierone condura case with spike feet ! It’s for the sling swivel stud adapter and has a/d picatinny adapter Brand new never mounted
  14. Sherlock

    New scope

    What is your budget and main use for scope. The problem is the Zeiss Duralyt is a pretty decent scope and you will need to pay quite a lot more to get any noticeable difference. Is it just better optics you want - or maybe a better reticule - ability to dial in - more mag - better light gathering. BTW I use an old 6-24x56 Zeiss Victory - and a Karles 624i - the Zeiss is better optically - no doubt and better light gathering at dusk ... but the Karles is better at everything else and a better LR scope
  15. In the days before Vit - reduced all their load data I ran a T3 22.250 - shooting 50 grn SBK with Vit n140. 36.8 grn Vit 140 - Sako cases - COL 2.360 Velocity was recorded at 3815 fps. Rifle was hellishly accurate Obviously work up to safe load

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