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  1. Sherlock

    52gr eld .223

    That's the problem. A lot of target bullets don't come to a sudden stop, they simple carry on straight through leaving exit hole and cause minimal damage. I was using 52 Amax in my 22br last night and they certainly expand … , Sorry never tried the 52g ELD bullets
  2. HI Buddy. What ( if anything ) is left for sale. Intersted in the Tierone 180mm carbon tactical bipod! In the tierone condura case with spike feet ! It’s for the sling swivel stud adapter and has a/d picatinny adapter Brand new never mounted
  3. Sherlock

    New scope

    What is your budget and main use for scope. The problem is the Zeiss Duralyt is a pretty decent scope and you will need to pay quite a lot more to get any noticeable difference. Is it just better optics you want - or maybe a better reticule - ability to dial in - more mag - better light gathering. BTW I use an old 6-24x56 Zeiss Victory - and a Karles 624i - the Zeiss is better optically - no doubt and better light gathering at dusk ... but the Karles is better at everything else and a better LR scope
  4. In the days before Vit - reduced all their load data I ran a T3 22.250 - shooting 50 grn SBK with Vit n140. 36.8 grn Vit 140 - Sako cases - COL 2.360 Velocity was recorded at 3815 fps. Rifle was hellishly accurate Obviously work up to safe load
  5. Sherlock


    Hi Buddy Thanks for the reply. The world would be a duller place if we all thought the same
  6. Sherlock


    Hi Buddy. Just wondered what benefits your actually seeing from moving to a 20 Tact from a 223 . Given that the 223 can zip a 40 grn pill at 3800fps so trajectories are similar - Accuracy potential should be similar - So is , Noise - Recoil - Cost of running + Barrel life. And I am absolutely certain the 53 grn pills hits harder than a 39 grn - 20 cal bullet. The reason I ask is several years back , I had a Pacnor barrel fitted in 204r , - but went back to the 223 .... I found the 20 cal didn't offer any advantage. ATB S
  7. Sherlock

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    I have used 55 gr Blitzking in a previous 243 - just before I had it re-barrelled in to a tight twist 22.250. The 55gr or 58 gr pills are very potent Fox medicine and definitely have a splat factor. I guess when shooters select these light weight bullets they are looking to drive them fast and flat, Obviously this means more powder / more velocity / more pressure ..... which equals less barrel life. Run them at 3500 fps and I don't think barrel life will suffer. Personally I think the 70 grn SKB are a better choice - They still have a very flat trajectory , but hit harder and better in the wind - perfect for foxing IME
  8. Sherlock


    Hi Buddy. I ran both calibres side by side for over a year and done umpteen comparisons. I came to the conclusion , the 204 didn't do anything that my 223 couldn't do..... but lost out in many other areas. I know on paper the 204 would appear to have a significant ballistic advantage over the 223 ( that's why I bought mine in the first place ) but the reality is far from that. The advantage is based on bullet BC's that are inflated , and velocity's which are difficult to achieve. If you actually look at the reality of the 204 - it shoots a 40 grn bullet with a BC of approx. 0.250 at around 3700fps - although its no slouch - its also isn't a big advantage over the 223... if at all .. is it ? For example - my own 223 can shoot a Nosler 40grn bullet at 3785 fps and still keep the groups size, half of the 204 group as seen on this thread. it does this from a 21 inch tube. ( not 24 + inches that the 204s seem to need) Also with a simple change of ammo it can shoot the slippery 53 grn Vmax at 3400 fps - which IME hits harder and is a better choice for both foxing and mid range varminting than my 204 was ( using any bullet) As you mentioned ballistics , my own extensive tests confirmed that the bullet BC in the 204 are hyped up and over stated. I confirmed this numerous times by comparing the MV against retained velocity at 200 and 300 yrds using 2 chronographs. This explained why at 400 yrds my shots were always low of the predicted impact on Strelock. Shooting my 204 and 223 side by side at similar MV at targets at 400 yrds the 223 had about a 1 inch drop more that the 204 - So as said not worth it. IMO. If you look a standard 223 with an 8 twist , you have access to a range of bullets with BC far higher than the 204 range... and therefore the advantage for long range target / varminting is certainly with the 223.... and they still shoot the light weight bullets and everything in between. I am not knocking the 204 - its a great calibre and clearly good enough for foxing - But after my fling with a custom barrelled 204 , it was sold and I kept my bog standard 223 Tikka in its place. I also know quite a few shooters that have been down the 204 road , only to find there wasn't any gain over the 223. all down to preference at the end of the day ATB S.
  9. Sherlock

    22-250 Sierra 69gr TMKs

    Agree with Onehole - I have had an 2 tight twist 22.250 rifles - (8 Twist and a 9 Twist) I also currently run , a 22BR with an 8 twist, and shoot both the 77 grn TMK's and 55grn SBK . Both of the 22.250's I have owned also would do this with great accuracy. I don't really see any positives from fitting a 10 twist and hope that it will stabilise your bullet of choice - why limit yourself , or take a chance ?? Go for 8 twist.
  10. Sherlock

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    HI Clover. I have had about six 17 Rem rifles - One 17 FB and one 17 Hornet. - so know enough about the 17 CF calibres to make an educated statement. I thought it was a very odd point of view when I read that 17 calibre rounds aren't really well-suited to any UK species -- especially for a calibre that has been specifically designed and created for shooting varmints. Also that the 17 bullet doesn't have the mass for fox shooting. We should bare in mind that in the U.S , the 17 rem is commonly used for Coyote shooting , and these are far bigger and tougher than a fox. The UK fox is no problem for the 17 CF's . I preferred to keep the range below 250 yrds - but have dropped plenty of them on the spot at well over 300 yrds On your point regarding "Over Kill" - aren't all centre fire calibres over kill for rabbits ? Certainly at close range - do you need hundreds of foot lbs of energy to kill a rabbit ? And that same argument could be made for the 204 + any of the 22 CF s - and certainly anything bigger. What the 17 CFs do, is allow you to significantly increase the kill range, above that of a 17 HMR. whilst keeping very similar characteristics of the HMR such as no recoil , and low noise - plus a big safety factor over other CF calibres. The 17 CF's are an inherently safe - High velocities and very frangible bullets mean that ricochets are extremely rare ( certainly with Vmax bullets) .. in fact I don't think I had a single one in the thousands of rounds I have put down my 17 Cals Furthermore when the bullet hits home - it rarely exits (on fox) - all the energy is dumped into the target. From my experience - the 17 Rem or rem FB are absolutely suited to pest control in this country. They allow easy and precise shooting out to 400Yrds They have one of the flattest trajectory's of any CF rifle - One of the best point and squirt calibre - out to 250 yrds - virtually no drop They have virtually no perceivable recoil , so you can see impact every time A good hit will drop fox and every other type of pest species on the spot. They moderate well and don't need long barrels to achieve the stated velocity . My last Tikka 17 rem shooting a 25 gn Vmax at 4130fps from a 20 inch tube. ATB S
  11. Sherlock

    17 hornet or 17 remington

    I have had both calibres, and as you are aware they are poles part in terms of performance. I found the 17 hornet - very quiet - for a CF - obviously recoil is virtually non existent ( but so is 17 FB and 17 Rem) I have had them all The hornet was a gun that I enjoyed taking out in the warm summer evening with low wind... I had some very good evenings. Unfortunately it all goes a bit south when its breezy - and those 200 yrd rabbits that seemed almost too easy on still days - suddenly are being missed. (at least for me) My experience was to always reach for something meaner unless it was calm - Therefore my 17 H spent too much time in the cabinet with me opting for my 223. I can say from my experience with the 17 rem - I would have taken wherever I would have used a 22 or 20 cal CF. If its too windy then - we need think bigger than a 17 cal anyway for reliable hits Also as a true foxer - the 17H isn't in the same league 17 rem - simply its bigger brother shoots a heavier and better BC bullet ( 25 or 30 grn ) much faster and hits harder. The 17 rem itself - doesn't have the same knockdown power of the 223/ 222/ 22.250 cartridges... but have killed hundreds of fox with the five 17 rem rifles I have owned over the years ... enough to know that this is a reliable round for fox. However all the 17 cals have little margin for error - bullet have to be placed in the kill zone. The extra speed and BC of the rem helps with this IME . the 17 rem will be the calibre to put the smile on your face - and the 17 H was a little dull in comparison - That said , but much will depend on the type of shooting you do - the ranges you shoot over and the quarry you after. The rem will be noisier - but they both produce the supersonic crack and both moderate very well. The biggest concern is buying a used 17 rem that is shot out. Whilst they are NOT the barrel burners as they are made out to be , you still get some rifles that are on the shelf that are in need of a new tube. I would definitely have it borescoped and check the throat for fire cracking and the rifling. ATB
  12. Sherlock

    Trent Firearms

    Very sad news - Good guy - RIP Steve
  13. Meopta ZD scope received today - Looks fantastic . Cant wait to get in on my rifle, Thanks Steve.
  14. I will take the Meopta ZD 3 - 12 x 50. How do you want paying

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