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  1. First let me say I'm NOT thinking of going shooting anywhere at the moment! However I saw a post somewhere yesterday saying that FEO's were telling people if they were caught out shooting for no good reason they will lose the Firearms/Shotgun cert. Shooting on your own land and pest controllers were exempt? Anybody else hear this? Mark
  2. Hi Pengo & Woodlander Sorry only had one and it got sold to the first poster. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi Lee Sorry for the late reply, had no internet or 4g for ages! Its yours. Bank Details below. Cheers Mark Mark Twittey Nationwide ACC NO. 16692657 SORT: 07-02-46
  4. AS New American Defense Scope Base AD-Recon-SW 20moa - 30mm rings - std Used once to mount a scope for photos. £130.00 posted sold
  5. New HRD 6mm Spacer Kit for AI AW/AX mags £30.00 posted SOLD
  6. Used Lyman Borecam Digital Borescope. Excellent condition. £170.00 posted. SOLD
  7. Hi Tony Sorry but they have all gone. Cheers Mark
  8. walkabout

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    As far as I know you don't have to shoot both days. You pay for both as the the main day the SRP (Short Range Precision) runs on the best weather day, the Saturday preferably. The LRP (Long Range Precision) day last year was given results and trophies on the day but did not count towards the years end result. So you can build your rifle for the main day and have a play on the other. This may change next year?
  9. walkabout

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    As stated many times, the reason most US PRS/NRL league shooters went back to 6mm from 6.5mm, was when Flashers started been used on long range targets. They got fed up with no impact calls when the little 6mm's showed no movement or sound on the plates. I know a couple of US guys shooting PRS and they said the advantage of the lower recoil of the 6mm's was nice but not really that much of a factor, when they are running rifles weighing between 20-28 lbs! This year a lot of guys using 6.5 in PRL were using break's so that helped with recoil so spotting shots or misses was easier at distance. I ran a warm load on a 6x47, but good spotters had trouble seeing shots at distance let alone me balanced of a obstacle! Still deciding what to run next year? Mark
  10. A used Atlas BT10-LW17 for sale. Used but in good condition. £180.00 posted. SOLD
  11. AI Magazines for sale 2 x AICS .308 10 round mags - USED £100.00 posted for the pair. SOLD 1 x 10 Round .300 Win Mag Single Stack - £75.00 posted SOLD 1 x 5 Round .300 Win Mag Single Stack - £50.00 posted SOLD
  12. walkabout

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    I shot a 6x47 Lapua with 105 hybrids doing 2940fps for 3 of the PRL's. I was okay until it got over 750m then sometimes splashes and hits on steel were hard to see. I'm going to try a heavier Bullet, if that does not help I'll go 6.5 for next year. If we used Flashers like in the states it would not be a problem. The yanks found that out, that's why a lot of the top shooters moved over to 6 Dasher and 6 Creedmoor when the flashers started being used at distance. Virtually everybody used a bag or two of some sort, it just made sense.
  13. walkabout

    Viking Rifle Series

    Nice stage, those flashers really work well. Makes a big difference when using smaller calibres.

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