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Alpha munitions / Peterson brass

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I am interested in looking at brass quality / consistency between these two manufacturers and comparing them to Lapua and Norma in two particular calibres, namely 6xc and 6mm Creedmoor.

Does anyone have any experiences of these two manufacturers and if anyone in the UK is distributing / importing them.

Many thanks,


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Peterson is very good, ..............  but how it compares to Lapua and Norma? We'll have to see on that one when people have got 10-20 firings in..

Their 6XC cases (in either primer form) and small primer brass for 243 and 260 are very new lines, so new that most Americans have yet to see any, so I doubt if it has come anywhere near reaching us yet.

Bernie Montana of Extreme Performance in Lincs was importing / distributing Peterson brass and I assume he still is. 1967 Spud of UKV fame and Dauntsey Gun Company both retail Peterson cases that I know of, so talking to Mark (Spud) would be a sensible starting point.

I've  not heard of any Alpha brass here yet or anybody importing their products.

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The source of the alpha as in at manufacture would be nice to know. I can’t see an independent firm setting up to make it from scratch. 

The Instagram feed obviously stands it in good stead but long life is as good a guess as any one. 

You need to do the test yourself to obtain true data. 

I know 6XC isn’t produced by Lapua but the creedmoor variations don’t make it an economical choice once VAT and costs are paid  


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