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Drone Pro 15x Questions

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Got it setup eventually , Thank God for adjustable cheek pieces ?




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After spending a few months with the 15x Drone now I've come to love the unit and feel I can pass on some thoughts to others that maybe thinking of getting the same .

After using my PVS-14 you realise that the Image through the Drone is not as clean which I'm guessing is to be expected in Tube v Digital but still good . I've now got a good selection in IR's ..... Dragonfly , TR67 , N1000 etc and I've found the Dragonfly has the edge in distance and has a cleaner light than the N1000 . The only downside to the Dragonfly is that at closer ranges out to 150 yards it can be too bright and cause a 'whiteout' effect so having it setup on the rempol bipod and having another IR fixed on the Drone for shorter range seems to work fine . Moving on to the Drone , The only issue I've had with the 15x is FOV and picking up the fox quickly which by changing the routine has helped alot . From spotting the fox in the thermal and then lining up the rifle on the truck roof before putting the thermal down works 90% of the time depending on how far the fox is away etc . I've shot 26 foxes since starting with the Drone and would there have been any that I couldn't have shot using the 10x  , Maybe the odd one perhaps  or Maybe not  ???

I feel anyone using the Drone 15x walking or out of a truck window may struggle and the 10x a better option but would i swap mine for the 10x .... I don't think so as the 15x suits my needs and where i shoot it from etc  .

My love of the Drone is probably helped by the round i use with it  , The 55g Nosler B/Tip doing over 4,500 ft/sec means that only using  the centre cross hair of the Drone I'm 1.5 Inches low at both 50 yards & 340 yards with a high point around 210 yards of just over an Inch !

I hope this helps


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 Great honest review, Starlight were supposed to be manufacturing an adjustable switch for the Dragonfly, but that was a while back and I'm not sure if it ever materialised, which may help you. Is that with the Middlestead?

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Hi , No not the Middlestead but a 6mm WSM . I have contacted Starlight regarding the tail switch and he said that he'd agreed with the company in China to start production but we'll see .

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