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  1. RobinC

    300m ISSF prone and 3 position

    Sights For 300 mt we have our preferences, but we've used a variety of sights, most good small bore sights are fine, they don't move under recoil and have fine adjustment over an adequate range. A good rear sight that is ideal for 300 mt is the Gehmann Compact 590, its reliable, well made, and quite well priced (around £150 or less), my wife used one for ages shooting top level scores before she got hooked on the Precise sights (at £450!) Front sights the same, any small bore one will do. We use the MEC cube for its light gathering abilities (old eyes!) On rifles I've built, I use Keppeler front site mounts, (order direct from Keppeler) a clamp type they come generally to fit 25 mm dia barrel, and I have my profiles at 25 mm at the muzzle to take those, they are clamp type and don't move under recoil, if your muzzle is less than 25 mm you can make spacer sleeves. Have Fun Robin
  2. RobinC

    300m ISSF prone and 3 position

    Well, now at last, I have tested my .223 300mt project properly, and I used the new, only just available in the UK GGG .223 Rem match 77gr ammo, which uses the Sierra Match King HPBT bullet. The initial shoots were in awful wind conditions, but at last a sensible condition week end at Bisley, although the 300 mt range on Century range ten is never easy as the wind swirls in that corner. The conclusions? I'm afraid there are several caveats, and its not conclusive, but the thing is a tack driver! Even at 300 mts when its pointed at the middle, that's were it goes!! The ammo, is superb, we do reload 6mmBR and the objective of this project was to shoot factory .223 ammo to, a) save the hassle of reloading, and b) to provide a cheaper option than factory 6 mmBR, the GGG 77gr does both, and at £85 ish a hundred is around what we can load 6mm for, and frankly seeing the results, I can't see why any one would bother to reload, they are unlikely to get better results, and its not worth the hassle (see point a)!). So what's the caveat? After several shoots at Bisley in heavy wind, we eventually had a light wind week end (light for Bisley!), but it was still fish tailing and changing in strength, so the first real test of the accuracy, and the .223 was still very tricky to keep in the ten ring, not to mention the X ring. The 300 mt ten is 100 mm across (the X, 50 mm), and on the slightest wind change, and on a light wind fishtail (from left to right) with the 6 mmBR it usually held the edges of the ten, or a close nine, with no sight adjustment, but the same change put the .223 either a bad nine or an eight! When the shooter had the wind right, and pointed it at the middle, that's where it went! I had one five shot string, when I achieved that, and it was all X's, and inside a 25 mm group, but miss the slight wind change, and you are in the 8 ring! And its a 60 shot match, not a five shot group! Over a week end I shot two 60 shot matches with it, and my wife (who is a top level shooter) also tried it, we both got similar results, and both came to the same conclusion. It is superb to shoot, the low recoil is nicer than the 6 mm, it is fantastically accurate, the GGG 77 gr ammo is excellent, and well up to the job, BUT it relies on the shooter being a superb wind judge, or having dead flat calm conditions, to get competitive scores, or even get with in 10 points of a 6 mm score in the same conditions. Maybe, if I reloaded, and went up to the max on bullet weight, 80gr or 82gr on my barrel twist, and stoked up the rounds a lot faster, it may shoot the wind better, but that defeats the object of the project, to shoot cheaper factory, and to save the hassle of reloading, and we load 6 mm now for the same cost and it shoots as accurate and a lot better in wind. Another plus point for the .223, it certainly bucked up my concentration on wind judgement! So I think its going to get reserved for those rare flat calm days, or some local training at 100 mts! I'd be interested to hear how Michal is getting on with his in Poland? Have fun Robin
  3. RobinC

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    A few weeks back when I was in the zero range running in, a long boring day, we ended up chatting to an NRA guy who was just off to an inquiry over what he described as a fairly big blow up which he had witnessed involving a hand load, he had no idea over whether it was a suspect action, or the load over pressured. The problem is its no good if we are responsible, when there are one or two idiots with the attitude of "as fast " as they can get, who will cause problems for all of us. And I certainly have chatted with people who it has crossed my mind that I'd rather not shoot near them! The only incident we have had was whilst using reloaded ammo from a "well known" commercial certified reloader/manufacturer, that folded the firing pin into an S shape ( I may have exaggerated , but it was a pretty big scary bang that damaged the firing pin and the bolt), fortunately in an action built like the brick outhouse, but I still returned it to the manufacturer to check it over, and its why we will now only use factory, or reload ourselves, we need to be aware there are people out there who are a danger to us all. Have Fun Robin
  4. RobinC

    300m ISSF prone and 3 position

    Hi Michal Nice looking stock, a bit Walther anatomic. Any testing yet? I've now done my first tests on my 300mt .223 project, sadly the only date we've had so far this year at Bisley (our only UK 300mt range) was on 16th/17th March when the conditions were not ideal for a light calibre, shooting on a very tight target, in fact they were horrendous, with gales all week end, and the range on safety shut down warning, so a bit of a trial! BUT, I was impressed, as a .223 virgin, I was impressed with the low recoil, and surprised by how it behaved in the at times crazy winds, in fact I also shot with my 6 mmBR as did my wife, and it was very similar scores, and wind responses. I did shoot a full 60 shot match on the Sunday when the conditions were just very difficult, as against crazy, and with reasonable results, not a lot below what I'd expect with my full 300 mt set up in those conditions.. That was also with not ideal ammo, in that I used the GGG 69 gr match, as the GGG 77gr match is not yet available in the UK. Although my wife and I shoot 300mt seriously with 6mmBR Keppeler 300 mt rifles, like you, this project is to see if it can be shot to a standard with a cheaper, but still top class rifle, a Barnard/Bartlein, and using factory ammo, as the GGG 77gr is priced near enough what it costs to reload with high spec materials, and save the hassle of reloading as an option for newcomers to the discipline. I'd like it to shoot to a good standard with the GGG 77gr, so will try that as soon as it arrives, but if its not available or does not perform, then I'll reload, and it would be with 80 gr Siera's, but a wait now as the ammo is not here, and we don't have a date now until the end of April. I'm glad to contribute to this 300 mt post, and if any UK shooters would like to try the discipline they are welcome to contact me and I will be happy to advise. And just so they know the types of gun we use, attached are pics of our 300 mt 6mmBR Keppelers, and the Barnard .223 project rifle, the lurid shades of purple rifle is my wife's! Have fun Robin
  5. Still no sign if the GGG77gr yet, but I did test the outfit at Bisley at 300 mts on the March 16/17th weekend, Yes the blowy one! Actually it was a full on gale, with the NRA on warning that they may shut the range, but we did get through it! I used the GGG69gr Match as the 77 is not in the UK yet. Far from ideal conditions to test a new .223 but I have to admit I was quite impressed, the wind was crazy but I shot reasonably close to a similar score to what I would have expected in those conditions with my 6mmBR. I tried it again also with the 69 gr a week later at a local TR shoot at 3, 5 and 600 yds, again in tricky winds (does it hunt me out?), it was good at 300, but almost a waste of time at 5 and 6. I'm still working on rifle set up and balance to get it stable, but it bodes well. I'm not making any real judgements until I get a chance to shoot in more sensible conditions, and with the likely more suitable GGG 77gr Match when its available, we'll see how it goes then, I really hope the 77 is OK as I don't want to load, but if I have to, then so be it. Have Fun Robin
  6. Hi Michal I'm testing for the first time my Dolphin Barnard/Bartlein .223 this week end at Bisley, at the 300mt club week end, I want to use only factory in it, the 77gr GGG that you recommended and I want to use, has not reached our shores yet, but I'll test this week end with the GGG 69 gr, and I also have some PPU 75 gr to try, could all be in vain though for serious testing as gales force winds are here now, and forecast to come in this week end with a vengeance! Have Fun Robin
  7. RobinC

    Neck turning (how to)

    Another reason to like German is, he is an ISSF 300 mt shooter, so is truly royalty, we are but a small group of perfectionists, most of us bordering on the edges of sanity in our quest for perfection! The first GB 300 mt date is this week end at Bisley, you should have noticed even if you did not know, as of course the wind is currently building to gale force ready for us! And of course the NRA has waited until the start of the season to tear part of range 10 mantlet down, so we will be limited to 6 firing points, but any one who would like to see what its all about would be welcome to visit, and its an indoor firing point , so we can with an air of superiority watch the shooters on Century range drudge past dripping water in the inevitable rain! Have Fun Robin
  8. RobinC

    223 Rem subsonic for indoor training

    Michal That's a lot of hassle, when you can just shoot .22rf at 50 mts with one hole groups, the technique is identical, the recoil is near enough the same, we shoot all year around at 50 mt with small bore as cheaper, and more accessible range time, and the wind judging is trickier! We have just run in our 300 mt Barnard .223 project, only the 25yd zero range was available to do that, so not a test, and the GGG 77gn is not yet available here, but both of us are quite impressed with the low recoil, and the one hole group, but the proving proper will come in 3 weeks hopefully with the 77 gn GGG at the first 300 mt date, when we can shoot it side by side and it compare it to our Keppeler 6mmBR's. I'll let you know how it goes. Have Fun Robin
  9. RobinC

    New barrel breaking in

    Don't go near a new barrel with any compound to lap in a barrel, but "shooting and cleaning" running in is vital, and top match rifle manufacturers (not of the garden shed variety), and barrel manufacturers, will recommend the process. One of the best descriptions I've seen to justify why is on the Krieger barrel website. Have Fun Robin
  10. RobinC

    New barrel breaking in

    Michal has it spot on, the bullets do the polishing, then the cleaning removes what the bullet has polished, hence shoot one and clean, shoot two, then clean, shoot two & clean, shoot five & clean, shoot ten, & clean, that's 20 shots, hardly barrel life, and then forget it, and enjoy the rifle! I do zeroing at the same time which negates some of the chore. Have Fun Robin
  11. RobinC

    New barrel breaking in

    Having shot competitively for 40 years and with two of us shooting two Disciplines, ISSF 300 mt, and TR, we have used many different makes of top quality barrels, and I have always run in barrels, but I think I if it needs anything in the realms of an abrasive or polishing compound then its not been finished correctly. It should be just a cleaning process. In the last five years we have used only Lothar Walther (had 3) and now Bartlein (also had 3) and both recommend running in, look on Bartlein's web site for his recommended procedure which is much the same as I was recommended 40 years ago and still do. Have Fun Robin
  12. I don't shoot CSR!!! 300 mt and TR Aha, worked it out from the adverts! Have Fun Robin
  13. Thanks Bradders Where will it be obtainable from? If you are not allowed to say on this forum can you email me on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com Have Fun Robin
  14. No one in the UK has any yet, I've asked the NRA if they will bring some in so we can test it, we'll see. It's on a French site at 15.90 Euro per 20, which is cheaper than the GGG 69 gr match is here, but I suspect it will be at least the same by the time it gets here, which compared to match ammo is still cheap, match grade, I've only found Hornady 75 gr Match in the UK, and that is silly money. I really don't want to reload .223, I do 2000+ match grade 6 mmBR reloads a year, and have little interest unless I'm forced to in reloading .223 as well, but if there is no commercial ammo worth using that will hold match accuracy at up to 600 yds, then I will have to. Have Fun Robin
  15. Thanks Michal Yes its made by Dolphin, they do all my machining/gunsmithing, its was built to my spec, shorter, the grip is my "standard" that I use for all my rifles, a Walther KK300 (small), the butt plate is the old style Walther KK200 which Walther still make to special order, and I also use on all my rifles. The folding check piece is my design with a stainless hinge to fold side ways, mounted on a Dolphin height adjuster, I do the same on the Keppelers and convert their height mech to be hinged sideways. If you want to start a thread such as suggested or just for all " ISSF 300 mt" I'm happy to contribute, I suspect we may be the only two on here who shoot ISSF 300 mt though. Have Fun Robin

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