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  1. NSAC

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    Its the STS103 model.
  2. NSAC

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    The Sealey digital 005-5nm torque driver is good value at about £39. Widely available. Easy to use and works well for scope mount application. Hope that helps.
  3. The Blue Force Gear Combat Applications Sling is a very good option. Easy to adjust, better with a push-fit QD attachment, than HK clips. Hope that helps.
  4. New bipods from GMK, Pivotal, swivel, sprung notched legs, with QD stud attachment AND free picatinny rail adapter. Absolute bargains for the price: 9"-13" £49.99 plus £3.50 postage, or 6"-9" £45.99 plus postage. click for contact details, paypal or card over the phone
  5. NSAC

    Ruger 10/22 BX Trigger Unit

    New stock arrived into the UK recently via Viking Arms. Should be available via your local RFD, if Viking can deal with them. Hope that helps.
  6. Brand new "old stock" brass for sale at greatly reduced price: Following is available, price includes postage Norma 25-06 Rem x 100 £65 Norma 6.5x55 x100 £65 Norma 22-250 x100 £65 Norma .308 Win x100 £55 (2 available) Norma .223 Rem x100 £60 (4 available) Nosler 6.5x55 x50 x50 £40 (2 available) Hornady .308 Win x50 £35 (4 available) Card sales over the phone or request paypal details please. http://nsac.co.uk
  7. Some more from the clearout Hornady .308 Win Match x50 £38 (4 available) click for contact details, card sales or paypal
  8. We have the following for sale Hornady A Max 155grain in 30 cal £30/100 (400 available) All sold now thanks Hornady A Max 75 grain in .22 cal £20/100 (300 available) Sold thanks Hornady A Max 162 grain in 7mm £30/100 (200 available) sold thanks Sierra Matchking 95 gr HPBT in 6mm £20/100 (400 available) Now sold thanks Sierra Matchking HPBT 120gr 6.5mm £30/100 (400 available) Contact us for paypal or card sales by phone
  9. And some Noslers: Nosler 125 grain Partition in 6.5mm £40 /50 200 (4 boxes) batch 136813591141, 50 (1 box) batch 114111301130, 50 (1 box) batch 114111301198 Nosler Ballistic Silvertip, 115 grain in 25 cal £20/50 150 (3 boxes) batch 107106993 and 150 (3 boxes) batch 107610766 and one box which has lost its batch label. (!) contact us for phone sales by card or request paypal details
  10. And there's more....... Hornady 139 grain interbond in 7mm £55/100, 300 available, batch 2090518 Hornady 140 gr SST in .270 cal. £25/100, 300 available batch number 2061014 All now sold thanks Hornady 117 gr SST in 25 cal £30/100 , 400 available 300 batch number 2080553 and 100 batch number 2060666 Hornady 35 gr V Max in .22 cal £20/100 300 available, 200 batch 2141426 and 100 batch 2150337 Hornady 180 gr SST in 30 cal £35/100 400 available, all batch number 2140194 Hornady 110 gr V Max in 270 cal £30/100 400 available all batch number 2150219 click to visit our site for contact details. Paypal or card sales by phone.
  11. These are excellent quality range ammo folders from Ulfhednar, designed for Scandinavian practical and tactical shooters. . The size of a large paperback they hold 40 rounds of centrefire cartridges in strips of 10. The strips detach and alternate in velcro- two female and 2 male velcro strips so they can be reattached to MOLLE fittings on your jacket or other bits of kit. The folder also has a waterproof range card or notebook holder. Priced at £59. Also available are these nifty two-round back-up shot holders. Self adhesive velcro tab puts two spare rounds onto your rifle for back-up shots. £12 posted. click here for contact details for paypal or card sales over the phone
  12. More to add to the above list: Sierra Blitzking 55gr in 6mm £20/100 800 available, 300 from batch 004955934614148GI, and 500 batch number 0098447016013GI Hornady A-Max 52 grain in .22 £20/100 300 available batch number 2141324 Sold thank you. Hornady Interlock BTSP 162 grain in 7mm £25/100, 400 available, batch number 2140810 Sold thank you. Barnes Varmint grenades 6mm 62 gr HP. £20/100 3229-6 316H BS call us for card payment or paypal details
  13. The all new CZ 455 Precision Trainer is in stock. The full package includes the CZ 455 .22LR rifle in a Manners Composite Tactical stock. Composite carbon fibre and fibreglass stock. An Edgar Brothers Opti-TT 5-20x50 scope, 30mm tube, illuminated, side parallax, 1/8 MOA target turrets. 9"-13" bipod Sirocco moderator Hornady sling. All this for an impressive £950.00 Click for contact details, RFD to RFD or F2F sales.
  14. A selection of scopes: 1 Meopota ZD 6-24x56 RD superb long range tactical scope. This one has the illuminated M2 Mildot reticle and Mil-Dot turrets. Side parallax .Incredible value Alpha glass, priced at £1650 Next up a Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 C534 (non illuminated ) with exposed elevation turret. .25 MOA clicks Priced at £1252. NOW SOLD thanks Finally a Vortex Viper PST-5258 5-25x50 ffp with MRAD EBR-2C reticle. Mrad sniper turrets, and side parallax. Great value scope from this maker. £975 Card sales over the phone or request paypal details. http://nsac.co.uk
  15. Meopta ZD 4-16x44 tactical scope. Quality 30mm tubed scope with illuminated Mil Dot special reticle, capped turrets with 1/2 MRad click adjustments and objective parallax. £1150 incl delivery contact us for card sales or paypal details.
  16. A couple of bargain eyepieces for sale (NOS) Firstly, the H 75 (HA/HS 75) 30x fixed mag eyepieces. £99 posted And the H75 20-60X zoom version, £199 posted Click here for contact details. Phone sales or paypal.
  17. NSAC

    Tikka T3x CTR mags

    We have one of these in stock. Give us a bell on 01845 587207
  18. Ex Demo GRS Bolthorn stock/chassis to fit a Howa short action rifle. Has been on display but never fired, so there may be one or two cosmetic marks, otherwise a great adjustable tac style chassis complete with AI ten shot .308/.243 mag. Price is £595 which is more or less giving it away! Click to go to our website for contact details
  19. Here’s four back to back groups, 40 yards off s bipod on a bench, Rimfire Magic VQ 12.5. Each group is ten shots, the ones on the orange stickies were Winchester SuperX, the two tighter groups on their own were CCI hp subs. I’m impressed with the CCI. Think we charge 5.90 a box for the Winnie’s, and about a tenner a hundred for the CCI.
  20. This rifle is currently wanting a new home: Its a 26" barrel by Border Sassen, straight sectional fluted and threaded 18x1, cerakoted in black, with a two port Valkyrie muzzle brake Action is a Tikka T3 with a tuned trigger. The chassis is a Britannia in O/D green complete with an AI mag and a bipod adpater rail. Superb, stable, adjustable. (it has one or two surface marks but is otherwise sound) Complete with picatinny 0 MOA rail. Rifle only is priced at £2700 The Steiner Military 34mm M5Xi scope, Tier One 34mm Tac rings and bipod are available at extra cost (POA) http://nsac.co.uk
  21. Thanks Dave. I'll get the editing pen out, and tell the other Dave. Cheers. Dave
  22. These are rifle specific, and we only have them for Tikka T3 and T3X.... (see company info here) Beautifully made aftermartket cheekpieces for your synthetic stock Tikka T3 or T3X, these are a DIY add-on ( some skills required) Comes boxed with all the parts you need to fit this to your stock, a self-adhesive drilling template. 4 available at a bargain price of £135 posted http://nsac.co.uk
  23. Leica Ultravid 10x42 HD, new, boxed and complete with all warranty etc. New old stock, these are for sale at a significantly reduced price of £1420 incl postage. One only available, http://nsac.co.uk

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