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  1. Avian

    Accuracy, how much is down to the press?

    I got one of these a few months back. Not cheap but REALLY nice Effortless stroke https://turban-shop.de/produkteproducts/pressen/heavy-praezipress-120mm/
  2. Avian

    New Tripod choice

    https://www.tacprecision.com/collections/shooting-tripod-systems These are very good. Use with my .338 AI
  3. Avian

    Tripod with hog saddle

    https://tac-coatings-uk.myshopify.com/collections/shooting-tripod-systems/products/p-r-s-t-carbon-fibre-shooting-tripod I have one of these with a hog saddle and one of their ball head mounts, really good bit of kit
  4. Avian

    Girard Tri Way case trimmer

    I recently got one of their power trimmers though mark at 1967 spud reloading
  5. Some ballistic apps, Field Firing Solution, for example allow you to calculate accurate BC for your bullet from observed drop.
  6. Field Firing solutions software, http://www.lextalus.com, uses these as the PDA has built in GPS for you position and you enter range and bearing to target.
  7. Yes I take it into account, why would you not? Ballistic calculators can do this so why would one not allow for it for long range stuff. Yes wind is a more important factor but every little helps
  8. I have been to both a number of times and find them both very good. I used WMS for one to one training when I started and have been to orien a few time to put rounds down at long range and gather data for my rifle. Both places very enjoyable and friendly staff. They have targets out a long way, we were shooting steel targets and clay pigeons at 900m last time I was at Orien and steel out further at both
  9. I use FFS with a trimble. Obsolete OS is no issue, it works so no need to update it FFS does all you need and more
  10. Avian

    Wanted: Swarovski HD Spotting scope

    I have a Leica APO Televid 82 with 25 - 50 x eye piece if that is of any interest.
  11. Avian

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    How does it differ from one dying of natural causes under a hedge?
  12. Sporting services had them in stock.
  13. Thanks Baldie Please let me know when you get them in, I'll take 5 if I can so I have them spare for the future if I need them.
  14. Thanks, I'l try AI direct. Do you know when you might get some in Baldie? Are they just normal O rings or some heat resistant material ones?
  15. I have a .338 Accuracy International moderator and the o ring type seal juts on the inside has gone. Can these be simply pulled out and a new one pushed in, or does it need to be taken apart to fit a new one? Where can I get a new one from ?

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