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  1. Saracen7

    300wm Brass

    I have 100 brand new Winchester cases. £80 CASH. Richard. 07590420108 ( no withelds please).
  2. Hi people. Being a big fan of using my 270 and 300WM rifles on everything, I wondered if anyone has any experience with the 270 Winchester and the 110 grain V-MAX? I'm really looking for any reloading data for this calibre and bullet, and any other comments please. At present I have a fairly good load worked up for my 270 M65 heavy barreled TIKKA using H4831 SC, and a light crimp to hold the bullet in its cannelure. Its very accurate, even at 600 yards ( tried it for the hell of it at this range), and I use this load for most of the time, including for deer ( which I head or neck shoot). Its especially comforting on land that's a little flat, as these bullets really explode. I was considering working up some loads with RL16, and was curious if anyone else has any suggestions for loading recipes? I may even try some 85 or 90 grain bullets for the hell of it. All replies are greatly appreciated.
  3. ' Septic tanks' 😂😂💦😎👌.... Cheers. I bought some from SPUD 1967. I'll probably wait until a have a faster twist barrel installed, as they need a 1 in 8.
  4. Hi folks. I've used the Berger 230 OTM Hybrids in my 300 Win Mag with great success for long range targets etc... , but due to price, I'm looking at trying the new Sierra 230 Matchking ( 0.8 BC!). Yes, I know the Sierra requires a 1 in 8 twist. The Berger flys well out of a 1 in 10 twist. Anyone tried heavy 30 calibre bullets ; what were they, and what results were obtained? Thanks.
  5. Saracen7

    Lamping scope

    Go for a quality fixed power, ideally German Glass. Even a thick reticle is useable on foxes up to 300 yards. How often do you ever shoot over 300 yards at night?
  6. I use a 270 Winchester TIKKA M65 rifle for many things, when I'm not using my 300 Win Mag. The 270 is extremely accurate, shoots flatter, drfts less, and generally hits harder than most 308 rounds. I don't find the recoil at all noticeable Muzzle blast is irrelevant, as I always use a sound suppressor. As for barrel life, who knows? I don't really care either, as if I shoot it out, I'll get it re - barreled. I've out shot people using AW's, and they and their equipment, don't suck; so a 270 can't be that bad. I regard most negative remarks regarding the 270 as far fetched, the same as the supposedly all singing and dancing hype of the 6.5 Creedmoor, as hype too. You get worldwide, historical, and unjustified opinions on what's good and what's not in the shooting world, and putting down the 270 is one of them. Similar hearsay has been levelled against the 9mm v 45 ACP and the 44 magnum v 357, for self defence. The age old subterfuge that the 45 ACP is a better self defence round, are unfounded , as does the nonsense that a 44 magnum has too much recoil for self defence. Be different, get a heavy barreled 6.8...... Whoops, I mean 270, and enjoy its great ballistics, worldwide ease of ammunition, and then realise why, as a, hunting round, it came out in the top three ever ( if I remember correctly).
  7. I specifically use a 270 for target shooting, and as my main foxing round, when not using a 300WM. The 270 has better ballistics than a 308,and it's a heavy barreled rifle, so with a sound moderator, it's a delight to shoot. In fact, I only only these two centrefires now, as there's absolutely no point owning a smaller centrefire, as there's no argument even in the safety department. Choose your back stop, choose the type of bullet structure carefully. There's not much can't do with a 270.
  8. Saracen7

    Tikka LSA 65 l/a picatinny rail

    Does a commercial M65 rail exist?
  9. Saracen7

    scope suitability 6X42 S&B

    Excellent reply. I can't stand poor quality optics, and hate adjustable magnification. I see a few people with PMII's on a hunting air rifle?! Superb optics, for sure, but very heavy, and far too much magnification. There's no reason to use more than 6x on air rifle in 90% of cases, and come to that, there's no need for more than 10 x on a centrefire at 800 yards, and I can attest to using 10x successfully at 1200 yards on a figure 11.
  10. Saracen7

    'Low mag' scopes...

    A fixed power scope shouldn't be sniffed at, especially for hunting. A 10x scope hasn't been a hindrance at 1000 yards, and 1200 yards is just about possible on a Figure 11. All my rifles have fixed power, and that's intentional. Go for a quality fixed power, and you probably won't regret it. Better light gathering, lighter, more robust, and who wants to muck around with magnification?
  11. Saracen7

    Elevation changes due to wind

    Century range is terrible for judging wind. The wind flags may as we not exist, due to the swirling breeze, even at 300 yards. High BC bullets really do make a difference.
  12. Saracen7

    Elevation changes due to wind

    I've had great success with Berger 210 VLD and 215 Hybrids in 300 WM. I exclusively use 210 bullets for my hunting. 215's aren't legal on deer, but aren't sensitive to COAL. Both really are wind defying bullets, with massive knock down.
  13. Hi everyone,  this looks like an interesting group.  


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