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  1. Are the IOR MIL or MOA - what reticles please?
  2. Please PM me with what you might want for the tripod - cheers
  3. Eric the Red


    It's worth contacting Monzo Fraud with the details - they may tie it up with something else and you might get lucky...… nothing ventured.
  4. It says sold, but there are a couple of IOR Crusaders kicking around (5.8-40x) - which personally I prefer
  5. I've been sat on a suitable spare action for some time, not knowing what to do with it and much as I understand the Creedmoor is the current darling, interested to see if anyone has taken the plunge on this which looks like it has some legs.
  6. Manfrotto 055 is fine for shooting off. Don't be afraid to hacksaw the centre column to the shortest length you need - you should be able to go full prone with legs on widest extension and be no higher than 12in. In terms of accuracy, we have shot sub MOA standing at 800m and numerous foxes over 250m. The setup is very confidence inspiring.
  7. Eric the Red

    Berger Bullets - passe?

    Just wondering if Berger bullets have dropped out of fashion in the UK market. I gather availability has been problematic in the past - but surprised at having had no interest in some 30cal I put up for sale recently. Perhaps it's 30cal...…. Discuss.
  8. ...discount code?... what is it please?
  9. Purchased on a whim, and while actually very good, not able (IMO) to hold a candle to my IOR Lutaz - but then it's a lot cheaper. Immaculate, boxed with sunshade and additional ARD. £975 incl. RMSD, saving 25% on new price. A QD AI mount can also be made available with it at additional cost if required. Please PM for any additional details, or pics to email, or mobile.
  10. Do you mean mildot ret with MOA turrets?
  11. I'll take it should the initial transaction with Leck not go through for any reason
  12. Interested should the sale not proceed.
  13. I'll take the Lyman hammer please - does it have all collets? PM me payment etc if you'd be so kind.
  14. Eric the Red

    Archer longbow

    If the latter I'd be more inclined to attach a piece of picatinny using that mounting hole and a nut - and then go with a W/E adjustable mount, over trying to frig an old Firefly mount......

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