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  1. Edinburgh Rifles

    Adjustable butt pad , comb raiser ...

    depends what you call bolt on Kalix CR2 are excellent and can be used for comb and length of pull they do require to work otherwise stick on comb raisers and slip on pads!
  2. Used example of a very advanced Front Mount NV add on Still boxed with all accesories Fully working order £2200 RRP New Yours for £1100 shipped ATN PS28-WPTI™ New Design – improved performance. The next generation of our popular PS22 night vision clip-on line. The new PS28 gives your daytime scope Night Vision capability in a matter of seconds. The ATN PS-28 mounts in front of a daytime scope to enable nighttime operation. No shift of impact, no need to rezeronor change of eye relief occurs. The ATN PS-28 uses the latest in image intensifier tube technology for outstanding resolution and performance. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Generation 3P Range of Focus 0.25 yard/m to infinity Magnification 1 X Resolution 64 - 72 lp/mm FOV 13 ° Total Darkness IR System Yes Diopter Adjustment No Automatic Brightness Control Yes Bright Light Cut-off Yes Infrared Illuminator Detachable IR Indicator No Low Battery Indicator No Power Supply 1 x 3V (CR123A) Battery Life 50 hours Environmental Rating Water resistant Operating Temperature -40°F to 122°F/-40°C to 50°C Storage Temperature -58°F to 158°F/-50°C to 70°C Dimensions 7.7" x 3.5" x 3"/195 mm x 89 mm x 76 mm Weight 1.85 lbs Weight kg 0.84 kg
  3. £3420 shipped RMSD(£250 saving on RRP)http://www.pulsar-nv.com/products/thermal-imaging-scopes-helion/thermal-imaging-scope-helion-xp-50/Sensor: 640x480 @ 17 µm Magnification: 2.5 ... 20x (smooth zoom) Detection range: 1800 m Color palettes: 8 Wi-Fi module: integrated Video / sound recorder: integrated Objective lens: interchangeable Operating temperatures: -25 … +50 °C
  4. http://new.ersg.com/products/moderators https://www.freyr-devik.no/products We are proud to announce the range or Freyr and Devik centrefire moderators for sale and distribution across the UK The First product to hit the market is the F280 TitaniumDesigned and built in Norway, these moderators answer all the major questions asked of a centrefire moderator"Light?" - 280gr with an even lighter featherweight version coming in Mar/Apr 2018"Small?" - Tapered design 44-49mm outside diameter, 215mm long, 125mm forward of muzzle"Efficient?" - A modest rating of 28-30 Db attenuation through close bore to calibre tolerance and baffle design"Resilient?" - no gas cutting, first baffle and shroud is machined from Titanium. No need for extra steel baffles or longevity concerns."Expensive?" - RRP of £325, right in the middle of the Premium Hard Wearing Steel and Light Alloy moderators. Significantly below any other Titanium moderator"Will it mark my barrel?" - No! No bush required, tapered design and different sized rear section to accommodate sporter or heavy/varmint barrel profiles.Built with balance and design in mind this moderator is just at home on a bipod equipped hill rifle as it is on a driven huntAvailable in a wide range of metric and imperial thread sizesBaffle Bore to accommodate .224 to 9.3mmRated up to 85gr case capacity 300 Win Mag etcWhats not to like!?Pre Orders being taken for mid to late Feb 2018 deliverycontact us for further details sales@ersg.com
  5. Please pm me regarding Redding trickler your inbox must be full

  6. RCBS 5-0-5 Scales in box as new - SOLD Redding Powder Trickler - new in box - £SOLD RCBS FL Die Set 22-250 - SOLD RCBS FL Die Set 22 K Hornet - SOLD Forster Bench Rest Die Set .222 SOLD RCBS FL Die Set 220Swift - £25 posted Lee 7mm RM 2 die set - £25 posted Lee 25-06 Pacesetter 3 die set NEW £37 posted
  7. unopened box of 100 Last one, RRP £70 £60 posted
  8. This is a Howa branded TH Lam stock in SA format and Nutmeg in colourDouble sling/bipod studs up front Vented ForendHas been part bedded when on previous owners gunVery little use, unmarked and still in orginal bagRRP is £290 with some discounted ones available for £270Yours for £150
  9. Brand new unused http://www.dolphinguncompany.co.uk/bipods.html Weight - 475 grams Larger forend width - 66mm (Fits Macmillan type stocks) Minimum hight - 125mm (To locking bar) Maximum hight - 275mm (To locking bar) At its highest = 28cm - footprint = 40cm At its lowest = 16cm - footprint = 64cm Legs - Carbon Fibre Bipod skids, head and fittings metal - 6000 Series Aluminium Fitting - Anschutz Rail Picatinny Rail fitment available (contact for details) RRP £260 Provisionally SOLD
  10. https://www.petersoncartridge.com/Very high quality and consistent brassboxes of 50 or bags of 100all soldPostage £3.80, combined postage available for larger volumes
  11. Edinburgh Rifles

    wanted - Remington Model 7 Bolt

    Long shot before I go overseas! Anyone have a rifle that died or happen to have a bolt for sale Any ".308" boltface will do
  12. Edinburgh Rifles

    Hare Head Damage (What Bullet)

    The mere mention of expanding ammunition on your FAC is to allow you to use an otherwise (previously) restricted bullet. The inclusion on your FAC is detailing what you can use it for it is not detailing that is the ONLY thing you CAN do with it or that you can ONLY use expanding on game/quarry etc big difference in wording Amax in .224 work very well and on some quarry arguably better than VMax any .17/22rf or cf bullet will work on a hare I have shot them with a .17M2 and .22WMR with excellent results
  13. Edinburgh Rifles

    CZ527 22 Hornet | 146 Yard Rabbit

    I looked at retro fitting a 527 trigger to a BRNO fox .222 total pain. didn't bother in the end
  14. Edinburgh Rifles

    .30 and 7mm ELD-X bullets

    New prices, New stock 7mm 162gr ELD-X £57 (RRP £65.20) 7mm 162gr ELD-Match £54 (RRP £60.70) .30 178gr ELD-X £57 (RRP £65.20) .30 200gr ELD- X £62 (RRP £72.95) £4.90 postage signed for
  15. Edinburgh Rifles

    Zeiss V8 Scopes

    Hi, Yes and Yes PM on way

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