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  1. thanks gbal, i shot this rifle at diggle in september and apart from shooter error, i shot the practice target instead of the actual and only put one hole in the target therefore getting 4 penalties. my first time shooting 100yd benchrest for a couple of years. apart from that i was extremely happy with the result of the other 4 targets. so the rifle does shoot well but the shooter is not so good. lol. hopefully all will be good when the die has been returned. i do use a redding neck bushing die but was informed that it would be better if i f/l resized the cases.
  2. just been on to L.E.Wilson and seemingly the 6ppc usa is the same as the 6ppc match and the die i needed was the 6ppc sako which is called the 6ppc factory. clear as mud i would say. USA & Match are the same ; and are based off of the Pindell Print. This is the die that you have, and this is not for SAKO. The Factory is based off of the SAKO Factory Print, and that is the FLD-6PPCF Part number which you do not have. . the good news is the lady i spoke to at their factory has asked me to send the die + a few fired cases and they will hone the die out to suit the cases free of charge. they will also reimburse shipping and handling. now thats what i call a first class service.
  3. gbal, the f/l die that is leaving the mark which i purchased from brownells was advertised as a 6mm ppc usa die but the writing on the die and box says "match." i have sent wilson a mail asking them to clarify if they are the same or have i been given the wrong die. wilson and brownell part numbers are the same. it is a bit confusing as i am sure there are differences between the ppc match and the ppc usa. but are they enough to cause this problem.
  4. having a problem with my 6mm ppc USA cases. when i either full size them or run them through the body die i get a ridge of brass about 1/8" from the web. the cases have been fired in my sako 75 varmint and have no problems with bolt lift or flattened primers. cases are lapua 220 russian and the necks have been reduced to 0.268" they fit into the rifle ok but i am worried that the ridge will be a weak spot on the case. cases are 4 times fired. has anybody ever had this problem. dies are new and the body die is redding and the f/l bushing die is wilson. this is not the usual mark left by a f/l die but an actual ridge which can be felt with the nail. it's not there if i neck size only. i meant to say that the ridge can be moved up or down depending how i set the ram. if i have a lot of cam over i can move it to about 1/32" from the web. any help would be appreciated.
  5. reloader brass annealer disc plate

  6. reloader brass annealer disc plate

    looking for a 6.5-284 disc plate for raptors(lubo) brass annealer. maybe somebody has one lying around gathering dust in a cupboard. i could get one from lubo but postage is £30. so if somebody has one i would buy it.
  7. thanks for the compliment. davie
  8. OK john. thats the funds sent.

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