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  1. OK that's the rifle at the RFD. i have enclosed the 21 stripper clips and also one of the cases so you can see that they are berdan primers and are also crimped. davie.
  2. OK Larry i will take the rifle up to my RFD either today or tomorrow and text you. davie
  3. sorry for the delay but have been busy with selling my house. i have good and bad news. i found the cases and clips but the cases are all berdan primers and unless you have a berdan depriming tool then the cases are no use to you. also i am sure you might need different primers. not sure about that tho but i am sure someone on here can clarify that point. i have 21 stripper clips.
  4. just been on to my RFD and he needs to get your RFDs details. he doesn't need your FAC as he will send the rifle to your RFD who will put it on your license. my RFD charges me £25 for sending the rifle, cases and clips. regarding the money, please wait until i look out the clips and cases so we are sure i have them and not dumped them. i am in a bit of a muddle as we are in the process of selling our house and things are a bit upside down at the moment. My RFD : Dalgleish Gunsmiths, 11 Montgomery St, Eaglesham, Glasgow G76 0AS Phone : 01355 303595
  5. sorry but you have lost me. normally when i have sold a rifle you send your FAC to my RFD and he fills it in then posts it back to you. he then, after contacting your RFD, sends the rifle to him. you then go to your RFD with the filled out FAC and he will give the rifle to you. that's the way it has been on my last 2 rifle sales. sorry but i only ever used factory ammo.
  6. hi Larry, all seems to be ok with the rifle and the trigger pull is about normal for a military rifle. i will look out the cases and clips and agree with the £350 + £25 + cases and clips. let me know how payment will be made and i will contact my RFD to expect a call from your RFD. we will need to swap RFD details.
  7. hi Larry, you will not be disappointed with this rifle but i will let it go for £350 + RFD charge. i can always sell the ammo, clips and cases locally. sorry but that's the best i can do. i have it sitting in my cabinet and would rather somebody got the use of it. as stated my eyes are not what they used to be and iron sights are no use but if it isn't sold i can always see about putting a scope on it. regards, davie.
  8. HI Larry. yes rifle is still for sale.
  9. hi, yes rifle is still for sale. let me know if you are interested please. davie.
  10. 25dynod

    RCBS 10-10 scales

    hi, there are 2 for sale on ebay at the moment.
  11. now not for sale. just bought the center fire pack which consists of the ATN X-Sight II, the ATN 1500 range finder, 20,000mah power pack and an extra IR torch. having megga problems with my eyes as i get a sore eyes from looking through the scope at night. only bought on Monday but it really hurts my eyes when i use it. never been fitted to a rifle only used out the back garden. anybody interested contact me. Looking for £850 for the lot.
  12. NOW SOLD. rifle is in 1st class condition.selling for the family of a friend who passed away. i don't know much about the rifle except the owner was not a person to abuse his firearms. it looks in first class condition and would not have been shot much. i only have 1 picture as the rifle is in storage at the moment. Reduced to £625ono + RFD transfer fee £25, RFD-RFD or F2F if local.

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