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  1. 25dynod

    kelby rings

    thanks Chris but i have a set of March mounts and had them torqued at 30lbs/in but they slid along the dovetail and off the end when i fired a few shots. i then tightened them to about 60lb/ins but they moved as well i have now tightened them as tight as i can without stripping the threads but i do not hold much hope for them not moving, hence the Kelbly rings. i have a set i put on the 6.5x47 from the 6.5-284 while it was being re-barreled so i might just swap them back over as i think the 6.5x47 has a lighter recoil than the 6.5-284. thanks for the advice.
  2. 25dynod

    kelby rings

  3. 25dynod

    kelby rings

  4. 25dynod

    kelby rings

    does anybody have a set of Kelby rings for sale? i am looking for medium or large to fit a nightforce 30mm scope with a 56mm objective lense.
  5. bump bump bumpety bump. bump bump bump.
  6. thanks Villadave59 😎

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