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  1. thanks chaz. it really is a nice rifle in great condition and very accurate. it's just sitting in my safe gathering dust whereas somebody could be using it.
  2. thanks Grum. heads just not right today. unluckily enough its a chest infection not alchohol induced. lol.
  3. for sale is my Mauser K98 in first class condition. . all numbers are matching but for some reason there is a number scored off and a new matching number teeped on the the bottom metal. reason for sale is my eyes are getting so bad that i only shoot with a scope now. buyer will not be disappointed with this rifle plus it is very accurate. i have about 110 factory rounds(50 s & b match the rest ex military) i also have about 22 stripper clips + the ex military have 12 stripper clips. there is about 110 once fired cases. Looking for £450. ono.
  4. ear defenders

    just looked at the sportac and it looks like the foam mic covers are sitting behind a plastic grill.
  5. ear defenders

    hi, can anybody recommend a good pair of reasonably priced electronic ear defenders? right now i have a set of peltors but find them awkward as i have to use 2 batteries in each ear piece and they are a pain to get into to replace. i have tried howard leight impact sport but find them lacking for noise cancelling as i shoot a lot indoors. i have just bought a new set of them, my second set, and my ears are ringing from yesterdays indoor .22 shoot. this was exactly what happened with the first set but i thought i would give them a second chance. i am only looking for recommendations not an arguement. manythanks for any help/assistance. davie
  6. look forward to the write ups so keep them coming dave/tony.
  7. hi, i will take the Redding No.5 powder trickler. will send the funds via paypal first thing in the AM. let me have your paypal account to send the funds to. davie

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