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  1. Thomas Cottrell

    Powder for sale

    Could you pm me, think your mailbox is full, cheers
  2. Thomas Cottrell

    Hatsan Escort 12g pump

    Is this an fac shotgun or 2+1?
  3. Thomas Cottrell

    IOR VALDADA scope

    Could you drop me a pm with your best offer for the scope? Cheers
  4. Arrived today, quick postage and as described, cheers👍🏻
  5. How much are you after for the scope? Cheers
  6. Thomas Cottrell

    0.224 bullets

    Il have these, il pm you now, cheers
  7. Is the scope for sale separately? Cheers
  8. Pm’d, could you send me some photos over please? Cheers
  9. Hi, are the 60gr .224 bullets for sale? Cheers
  10. Thomas Cottrell

    7mm Rem Mag

    Hi, if the rifle is still available with you drop me a message, Cheers

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