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  1. Remmy308

    100m to 1000m

    I’ll second what Treetop has said FFP and MRAD Vortex viper pst2 or if you have the funds go for a razor gen 2 really compliments my 6.5cm
  2. Where abouts are you and a price would be handy
  3. Remmy308

    Sellers sending bought items

    Personally I don’t see the problem with giving someone your account details if they have offered you a full refund,what’s he going to do reach into your account and empty it. I think your making a mountain out of a molehill as if he refunds you he’s the one out of pocket at the end of the day.!
  4. So as of Wednesday you can play golf,go fishing and outdoor swimming if you can do these sports then surely shooting is back on the cards.?
  5. I’ll take 100 if you have any left please
  6. MDT folding stock adapter V2 bought for project but not needed £175 new £85 posted pics on request Wildcat predator 8 .22 baffle (purple) £40 posted pics on request
  7. Remmy308

    Lazy Butler Creek Question

    Vortex defenders are the way to go.!!!!
  8. Interested in the folding stock adapter where abouts in Essex are you.?
  9. I’m pretty sure he’s away for a couple of days and I’m sure he’ll reply as soon as he’s back.!
  10. Hi can I have 200 5.56 and what is the postage costs.??
  11. I’ll take this if it’s still available please

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