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  1. Cheap gun, cut to 19" and screw cut 1/2unf fox firearms scope sat on it......Currently in Northern Ireland but moving to Scotland in 8 days....£150 ono ..obviously F2F as no point paying rfd on such a cheap gun...unless you want to that is....
  2. Cowsmart

    Re scales

    I dropped on a set of redding scales on ebay for £15....great scales really accurate...
  3. Cowsmart

    75gr Amax .224

    thanks guys..think im sorted...if not i will get back to you
  4. Cowsmart

    75gr Amax .224

    Anyone have any? want to try some just to test a few loads before buying box.
  5. Cowsmart

    .22-250 load data for 75gr Amax

    thanks..looks like H414 is a winner..and on a plus side i use that in the .270 as well
  6. Cowsmart

    .22-250 load data for 75gr Amax

    twist is 1:9 thanks for pm's
  7. Cowsmart

    .22-250 load data for 75gr Amax

    anyone have any? hodgdsons stops at 70gr...hornady book stops at 60gr....I have Vihtn140, benchmark, h335 to play with...cheers Lee
  8. Cowsmart


    thanks for knowlegable input, much appreciated, I am a recreational stalker and shoot for freezer and friends...i reload for .270 .22-250 ( new gun after xmas) and dabbling with .222....the .222 seems to hit harder than .22-250, thinking it dumps all its energy in the deer rather than punching through? had a few runners with the .22-250 and lost confidence hence the ne 1:9 twist 22-250 to throw some heavier pills... regards Lee
  9. Cowsmart


    the sako are factory...and the paper is like a shotgun....I loaded a few v max using benchmark (50gr) and they were grouping well but im after a more meat friendly bullet head...I shot a roe yesterday with the federal which dropped to the shot at 150 yards. I bought the gun and 40 federal and 60 sako for £100, then spent £400 screw cutting it and fitting it with a new SL5 mod....starting to really like the .222
  10. Cowsmart


    got an old BSA CF2 in .222 that loves federal powershok factory ammo, hates sako gameheads 50gr.....what bullet head and powder will best match the federal factory rounds? any ideas?
  11. Cowsmart

    been offered....

    and to top it off.....one for one variation 6 minutes! great service from Dumfries firearms team.
  12. as above with T8 mod and 25mm mounts and rings...cheap old reliable gun...shoots great with my homeloads and the recipe goes with it, could organise a test shooting if close to Castle Douglas...£300 ono need it gone to clear slot for new rifle regards Lee
  13. Cowsmart

    been offered....

    its the guy that built it thats selling it..a trusted friend of a trusted friend if that makes sense....

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