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  1. Hi there I’ll have  308 barrel for asking price of £ 320 inc postage. Many thanks Tony

    1. holland


      Sorry for the delay to reply, if you want to give me a call.




      07711 020 373

  2. I’ll take it please, pm me

  3. Hi there is this still for sale?
  4. Sniper1

    Kestrel 4500

    Looking for a kestrel 4500 with applied ballistics many thanks
  5. Sniper1

    R.E.M. 700 mag conversion

    Yes please, pm me payment details please. Many thanks S
  6. Sniper1

    R.E.M. 700 mag conversion

    Cheers Alan, I'll be giving them a ring, thanks again S
  7. Sniper1

    R.E.M. 700 mag conversion

    Hi I'm l looking to convert my floor plate to a magazine on a .223 and a .243 anything out there. Many thanks.
  8. Sniper1

    Grs sporter stock rem 700 sa

    Hi th re I'm looking for the above for a rem 700 .223 varmint. Thanks

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