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  1. Hi 

    If the sale falls through please let me have second dibs 

    Thanks Neil

  2. Metal magazine that I bought but never used, not new but in VGC £45 posted. Also advertised elsewhere
  3. Hi Andy

    Is the 1416 a right hand stock ? 

    Regards Neil

  4. Hi Paul

    Im not sure if you reviewed my PM about the stock but this is a copy of it 😊

    Thanks for the reply, I have a pretty standard 10/22 apart from it has a 12" volqartsen carbon wrapped tension barrel and moderator adapter, if this will fit the chassis as I'm sure it would I will buy it if it's for sale. I like the idea of being able to collapse the stock when I'm in the Landy shooting rabbits and  then with the nightvision be able to extend the stock for proper eye relief. If you are keeping it I fully understand. Could you please let me know either way.

    Regards Neil


  5. Hi 

    Did you sell the ruger Sr22 stock ? If not would a 12" carbon barrel be long enough to use with it ?

    Regards Neil 

  6. PVS14 it has a F9815p tube fitted that's good for taking recoil, it has a few small spots in the tube but nothing that affects it use and I have tried to show them in the photos but they are difficult to see because of there size. £1500 posted RMSD Also advertised elsewhere NOW SOLD
  7. One last try before it goes on the auction site !!
  8. I would also be interested in a swap for a smaller sized suit if anybody has been eating to many pies ?
  9. To be honest I could have worn them but I like my clothes pretty tight fitting and there is just to much room in them for me. I just didn't want anybody else being in the same position having spent £400 plus.
  10. Ward 800 Nightvision add on, I got this second hand last year and have never used it since getting it, it's the first version with the fixed clamp and comes with the charger but no shims. Price is £520 posted Special Delivery Photos by email Also advertised elsewhere
  11. Harkila Pro hunter x jacket size 52 and pro hunter x trousers size 54 in shadow brown. The jacket has been worn 2/3 times and the trousers have never been worn outside. I got these last week off another forum but they are both to big for me. So nobody makes the same mistake as me, I'm 5'11" with a 36"waist and a 44" inch chest. I would say you could easily add 2" to both off these and the legs are plenty long enough for someone 6ft plus Jacket is £260 plus postage and the trousers are £160 plus postage that's the full suit for less than the price of a new jacket. Photos are available by email Advertised elsewhere
  12. Ziess Victory Diavari 6x24x56 T FL 60 Ret I bought this scope new in about 18 months ago and to be honest it's only been used about six times and is now surplus to requirements. It is in excellent condition as you can imagine and is boxed with all the paper work. If the asking price is met it will come with Butler Creek covers and Third eye tactical mounts as pictured. Any questions please ask. It is also advertised elsewhere. £1275 posted NOW SOLD

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