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  1. atlanticity

    Forster dies bullet seating stem flaring?

    Thanks for that I will give that a go,jonathan
  2. Hello advice please as title suggests my seating stem is flaring and catching inside the seating die causing a thunk and bullet seating depth variations.Im already on my second seating stem any advice regards Jonathan
  3. atlanticity

    What's in the Lapua factory load ?

    Hi Long Range Craft ive use n150 with 139 gn lapua and achieved 2950 fps from a 30" barrel with 0.25 inch group regards Jonathan
  4. atlanticity

    How to recock nesika bolt when removed from action

    I will give Mik a ring today to see what he has regards jonathan
  5. atlanticity

    How to recock nesika bolt when removed from action

    Thanks Grumm Ive seen this although on the nesika action the protrusion does not look that strong regards jonathan
  6. Hi Can anyone help with the above,explain or point me in the right direction as I cant find anything on the internet.Is it just a matter of rotating the bolt handle or pulling back the black rod .regards Jonathan
  7. mike why not a 6.5 x 47 necked down to 6mm or the 6mm creedmore vertion ive just applied for the 6.5 mm creedmore on my certificate regards jonathan
  8. Hi there I thought the police had this range during the week has this changed regards Jonathan
  9. atlanticity

    Any other......

    Hi Terry Im very pleased with n150 getting 2950 fps with 139 gn scenars from a 30 inch tube regards Jonathan
  10. atlanticity

    Whats the point??

    Hi I at fist felt as you did but once you have the magneto speed and know the velocities its good to know a high hit is either down to the shooter or the handloader regards Jonathan espicially at long ranges
  11. atlanticity

    139 grain scenars to big for 6.5 x47

    It puzzles me when people suggest that this bullet is not optimum for the above cartridge ive worked up a load that uses n150 and delivers 2950 fps from a 30 inch barrel at 5 celsius at this temp there is primer cratering and flattend primer but no stiff bolt lift.Is this velocity easily surpassed with other powders or can the 123 grain scenars be sent faster to overcome their reduced bc values.Look forward to hearing your comments regards jonathan
  12. atlanticity

    6.5x47lapua load developement advice

    Hi guys Ive been seating the 139 scenars to coal of 2.7110 I cant say this is jamed but if seated longer it will be pushed back to this value by the lands if chambered and with a neck tension of 0.001 with virgin lapua brass,regards Jonathan.
  13. atlanticity

    Resizing issues

    Sorry typo ment 0.003 of inch ,thanks baldie that sounds reassuring regards Jonathan
  14. atlanticity

    Resizing issues

    Thanks guys for your reply regards Jonathan

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