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  1. They are after market made, I have one. Very hard to come by.
  2. rimmie

    .20 vartag

    Anyone shoot one ? How much of a faff is brass prep etc.. also availability of dies pictures would be welcome please
  3. I just use the £1 a can auto spray paint from the pound shop. Works great
  4. Take it to a alterations place, as in curtains, clothes alterations etc... they will put a new zip on no problem
  5. rimmie

    20 cal bits

    I use a .17 cal rod also
  6. rimmie

    20 cal bits

    Ring Wilson and Wilson fieldsports i was in there the other day and they had a couple 01843 822242
  7. rimmie

    20 cal bits

    I use a RCBS .17/.20 powder funnel, works great and was about £7
  8. I have a Ase utra for sale 18x1 had 80 rounds through it £200 https://imgur.com/a/FFA7Q
  9. Barbour liddsdale jacket, fantastic condition, size M ( but more like a large) £45 inc post Very smart shooting waistcoat, fantastic condition, size 42 £25 inc post Tweed coat, again fantastic condition, loverly and warm, £40 inc postage https://imgur.com/a/vSZqxX6
  10. I have done, I have a set of small AR500 gongs. Only 50-100mm and can only really get out to 200 yards safely. 200 yards is child’s play for a .204 honestly. In regards to damage, it doesn’t touch the my AR500 gongs.
  11. Typical, would have to be hours away. Be great to have something like this in the south east. Would like to dial out my .204 and stretch it’s legs
  12. Where is the facility? Can’t seem to find a location on the page.
  13. rimmie

    New .204 load

    Try reloader 10X also

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