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  1. rimmie

    Stalking scope, mounts

    Scope sorted, just the mounts still needed
  2. rimmie

    Stalking scope, mounts

    Hi all, looking for a ziess duralyt etc.... scope bases for a tikka T3, and 30mm medium mounts OR 30mm medium Opti Locks
  3. They are after market made, I have one. Very hard to come by.
  4. rimmie

    .20 vartag

    Anyone shoot one ? How much of a faff is brass prep etc.. also availability of dies pictures would be welcome please
  5. I just use the £1 a can auto spray paint from the pound shop. Works great
  6. Take it to a alterations place, as in curtains, clothes alterations etc... they will put a new zip on no problem
  7. rimmie

    20 cal bits

    I use a .17 cal rod also
  8. rimmie

    20 cal bits

    Ring Wilson and Wilson fieldsports i was in there the other day and they had a couple 01843 822242
  9. rimmie

    20 cal bits

    I use a RCBS .17/.20 powder funnel, works great and was about £7
  10. I have a Ase utra for sale 18x1 had 80 rounds through it £200 https://imgur.com/a/FFA7Q
  11. Barbour liddsdale jacket, fantastic condition, size M ( but more like a large) £45 inc post Very smart shooting waistcoat, fantastic condition, size 42 £25 inc post Tweed coat, again fantastic condition, loverly and warm, £40 inc postage https://imgur.com/a/vSZqxX6

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