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  1. North Star mod for sale, ONLY HAD 80 rounds through it !!! Mint !! 18x1 thread. £200 https://i.imgur.com/EvODQ8m.jpg https://i.imgur.com/V7iCcb5.jpg
  2. Only sound mod still for sale, only had 80 rounds through it. Mint
  3. Leupold 8.5-25x50 vx3 fre scuffs, glass mint - £450 posted Are utra North Star mod, 18x1 thread, ONLY HAD 80 rounds through it !!!! - £200 Leupold prw 30mm medium rings- £45 posted Vortex 30mm scope bubble - £25 posted Tub of varget - £40 https://imgur.com/a/mOgBu
  4. .204 reloading data

    Hi all, Has anyone got reliading data for .204 ruger using reloader 10x powder ? Thanks in advance
  5. OUCH !!!! ?

  6. It come with it, it's the "long range" model. No longer made/imported.
  7. Any interest ? Open to offers !!
  8. For sale, GRS stock, fully bedded by brock and Norris for Rem 700 short action. With added rail underneath, has AICS mag system with extended mad release. Also rear mono pod, with wheel for precise adjustments. £520 posted https://imgur.com/a/12Kjq

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