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  1. rimmie

    New .204 load

    Try reloader 10X also
  2. 3 sealed slabs and over 100 loose clear pigeon. £170 pock up CT12 postcode Kent
  3. One gold, one rose gold both 32 GB unlocked to any network fantastic condition boxed with all accessories £300 each including insured p + p
  4. Very good points made by the MP’s who stood up.
  5. rimmie

    Obsolete calibre

    There was a loverly .310 on airgun BBS not so long ago.
  6. rimmie

    204 Vermin Control

    This is the data I have, no 133 on there though?
  7. rimmie

    Hornady 32 gr ammo

    Did some the other day, they were 3734 FPS average.
  8. Fantastic book, from .14 cal up. Very interesting. Lots of history of development etc... 2-1/2” thick !!!! £55 inc post (heavy)
  9. Hi all, any ideas for the cheapest place for centrefire (up to .243) gongs ? Preferably crow/rabbit silhouettes. thanks

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