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  1. Grey_Owl


    I will take the new mag please. PM inbound G_O
  2. No, definitely come up "The member Zaitsev cannot receive any new messages"
  3. Hi SRGNXL, I will take the mono-pod if you contact me with payment details. G.O
  4. Gazza, I will take one please, pm with payment details. Thanks GO
  5. Grey_Owl

    Sight extension tube Anschutz 1813

    As per the title, looking for a Sight extension tube to fit an Anschutz super match model 1813. Please pm me. Thanks GO
  6. Grey_Owl

    Aim 40 or similar for AR15

    Hi DaveT I have an ex military drag bag in DPM, use one for my TRG so will fit an AR no problem. Has been used and has no straps but yours for £15 plus post which I think is around £6 with Royal Mail. GO.
  7. PM sent for rifleman scope 3-9 x 40
  8. Grey_Owl

    RCBS reloading kit

    Thanks for the prompt replies, PMs sent (I think). Not exactly a technophobe more of a technoto**er.
  9. Grey_Owl

    RCBS reloading kit

    Have seen the guys on the range achieve some really impressive results with home made ammo so would like to start loading my own. Looking to buy RCBS Rockchucker press and powder measure initially, but open to suggestions. Currently use a 5.56 Remington XR-100 with a 1-8 twist, also on the market for a .308 target/sniper rifle to have a go at 600+

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