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  1. Crispin engineering in Surrey have this listed on their website
  2. RS Powders

  3. .308 RIFLE

    I have a Parker Hale superclip in a laminate stock, threaded 1/2"UNF
  4. M62

    Well I did laugh out loud at that
  5. Reloading solutions

    Seems an odd decision, most consumables can be bought online and have them delivered at a reasonable price, I would have used them for powder and primers but now go elsewhere
  6. Methuen

    Didn't want to hijack the thread this was mentioned in so thought I'd ask in a new one, what exactly is methuen shooting, unfortunately google doesn't show competitions but of an American shooting
  7. Methuen

    Thanks, sounds a good CoF
  8. Different forms of sleeving, the traditional method for shotguns is to cut off the barrels in front of the chamber and weld on a new (cheaper) set, then smooth it all out, stamped as sleeved at the proof house. Someone then started boring out pitted barrels and lining them, but it seems to have fallen out of favour, from problems with the adhesive used as I recall.
  9. Steve Harper used to do it for air pistols and rifles, I believe it was also done on shotguns but even the guy doing that stopped as the adhesive wasn't up to the job
  10. I'll take it please, when are you next at Bisley?
  11. Gave your trick a try but no change unfortunately. Kestrel did get back to me as did the UK agent. Kestrel themselves offered to buy it back at 10% of price so they could refurbish it to pass on to the military, the UK agent pointed out they had a black friday deal on. I bought a weatherflow
  12. I have a kestrel 2000, but the LCD is only showing the bottom half of the digits. Has anyone replaced a screen on one, currently waiting to hear back from kestrel themselves and the UK distributor to see if its do-able
  13. Leupold tactical 10x50 if you can find them, I have a set of minox 10x42 tac,
  14. I have a zeiss prf which I really like, I also have leica geovids which I also really like and are also very good and kill two birds with one stone, the zeiss ranges just as well as the much more expensive leica bino's

    Check the other thread thats been running for months, supply seems to be an issue
  16. choate stock

    Five minutes with a dremel will convert RH to LH, devcon to fill the old bolt slot
  17. Revoke

    How many of the BASC departments are staffed by Police? Surely being a serving Police officer you won't have the time and vice versa
  18. Might be a stupid question...

    Which barrel profile do you have that reduces towards the chamber?
  19. Smock

    Arktis all the way for me, I have smocks, trousers, waterproofs, shirts and range mat (I still have my old chest rig which is 28 years old) very good quality, cut well and lasts. Not sure but weren't fortis originally country covers which was an off shoot of arktis
  20. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I think you have everything covered with what you have
  21. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    Free parking in the listing and info video, I'd expect they'll be in trouble if they tried to charge after that
  22. Wanted 6.5x55 rifle

    If you're after a lightweight stalking rifle, I have a BRNO 98, one piece mount with 25mm rings (will take up to a 56mm objective), synthetic stock, threaded 1/2"UNF, slim profile barrel, might even include a PES moderator
  23. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    I'm on my third, never had a blockage, had a few none firers, had a few split necks. Never had the claimed accuracy but accurate enough for my needs. QC and availability of ammo need to be addressed , I did go through a stage of weighing rounds but didn't gain anything by doing so. Mine is now a dedicated NV rig
  24. Mike Yardley positiveshooting.com

    That aside, might I suggest everyone follows your link and reads the customer review

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