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  1. So the ones who've signed, have you also contacted your MP's?
  2. I really wonder how effective these e-petitions really are, if only everyone that signs them actually wrote to their MP's (not suggesting you all haven't) it might make them take a bit more notice
  3. Akeld

    6.5 Creedmoor v 6.5 Swede

    6.8 SPC didn't seem to last
  4. Akeld

    nightmaster 800 pill removal

    Don't you just unscrew the neck section and replace the whole thing
  5. Akeld

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Sad news, I've always found his posts very informative
  6. Akeld

    Any body handled one

    No but it looks like the marketing team are teenagers, "awesomeness" & "kick your dad's rifles ass"
  7. Akeld

    RFD transfer (Merseyside area)

    I know about the sending to private parties, but thought an individual could still send to a nominated RFD, must have changed
  8. Akeld

    RFD transfer (Merseyside area)

    IIRC, he can post direct to your RFD using special delivery. Not something I've done myself, and if I'm perfectly honest I doubt I would, but it is an option
  9. Akeld

    zeroing problem

    I'll take a punt on a photon. Either shim the scope, or as I did, loosen the allen bolts at the back of the housing and centralise the camera then tighten
  10. Akeld

    Saddle Mount

    Mouse mat, cut to size and glued
  11. Akeld

    Best moderator

    T8 and a tin of WD40
  12. Akeld

    Separated case head remover

    Brownells have them
  13. Akeld

    CZ 452 Pictinny Rail

    Sure you can still get them on ebay
  14. Akeld

    Rifle Life

    From memory I've only heard of one being shot out, and that had a ridiculous amount of rounds through it
  15. Akeld

    Remington gone bust.

    Donald Trump has been chapter 11 bankrupt a few times, doesn't seemed to have done him any harm
  16. Akeld


    Take it off and google the number, you'll probably find its a washing machine pump motor.
  17. Crispin engineering in Surrey have this listed on their website
  18. Akeld

    RS Powders

  19. Akeld

    .308 RIFLE

    I have a Parker Hale superclip in a laminate stock, threaded 1/2"UNF
  20. Akeld


    Well I did laugh out loud at that
  21. Akeld

    Reloading solutions

    Seems an odd decision, most consumables can be bought online and have them delivered at a reasonable price, I would have used them for powder and primers but now go elsewhere
  22. Akeld


    Didn't want to hijack the thread this was mentioned in so thought I'd ask in a new one, what exactly is methuen shooting, unfortunately google doesn't show competitions but of an American shooting
  23. Akeld


    Thanks, sounds a good CoF
  24. Different forms of sleeving, the traditional method for shotguns is to cut off the barrels in front of the chamber and weld on a new (cheaper) set, then smooth it all out, stamped as sleeved at the proof house. Someone then started boring out pitted barrels and lining them, but it seems to have fallen out of favour, from problems with the adhesive used as I recall.
  25. Steve Harper used to do it for air pistols and rifles, I believe it was also done on shotguns but even the guy doing that stopped as the adhesive wasn't up to the job

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