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  1. Fishing umbrella and a cam net
  2. Akeld

    Yukon RT monocular

    Its possible but you will need an adaptor, if you go on facebook and look up yukon extreme conversions, william is the chap that makes the adaptors for that conversion, I'm sure he'd do a run for monoculars as well
  3. Akeld

    Advice needed. Chamber issues

    Wasn't there a recent post on a Howa having a short chamber
  4. Akeld

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    Have you considered a career in politics?
  5. Akeld

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    If you already have decent beam scales try a target master trickler
  6. Akeld

    Double rifle sling

    I didn't like the z aim either, didn't feel as secure
  7. Akeld

    Double rifle sling

    Yes, but might wobble a bit
  8. Akeld

    Double rifle sling

    Fit side mounted sling swivels and use an SA80 sling, very versatile bit of kit
  9. Akeld

    My Target master died! Suggestions please

    Send it back for repair, 1066 on here is the chap you need to contact
  10. Akeld

    Refresh your advert

    Normally you just reply to it and it goes to the top, it will also show up as unread content
  11. Akeld

    rifle ranges/clubs oxon/berks area

    Silverstone, but thats only 100 yards
  12. I have a kestrel 2000, but the LCD is only showing the bottom half of the digits. Has anyone replaced a screen on one, currently waiting to hear back from kestrel themselves and the UK distributor to see if its do-able
  13. Thought I'd update. I've had the kestrel sat on my bench since the screen went and decided to have a look inside last night. Please note, mine was out of warranty so I had nothing to lose. Popped out the impeller and removed the 7 (1 central one under the sticker) allen screws, it looked like something had slipped from between the lcd and the circuit board, so put everything back how it looked like it should be and reassembled. Put a battery in and it works as it should, hurrah
  14. Anyone whos done a mag conversion have one going spare please, thought I'd ask before going down the Brownells route, or if you know of a UK supplier. Thanks
  15. Akeld

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    Its a bit of a leading question, he makes knives
  16. Akeld

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    Ability to hold an edge Safe/secure handling Ease of cleaning Ease of sharpening Made with materials that meet with current hygiene standards
  17. These maybe https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-inch-Curved-Fishing-Forceps-Stainless-Hemostat-Locking-Clamps-Carp-Nice-UKP/273041795828?hash=item3f928f2af4:g:lWEAAOSw14xWJI~7
  18. Sound similar to the method demonstrated by Jelen deer on youtube, its how I do mine but without the forceps
  19. I've just bought a Rem 700 which I intend to use as a dedicated NV rifle, I've noticed the threads in the action for the bases are quite worn and I'm not convinced they'll secure a rail to the action as they are. I intend to rethread in a slightly larger size to allow me to fit the rail, is there any reason I shouldn't or anything I should be aware of? Thanks for any advice
  20. Akeld

    Worn threads, Rem 700

    On closer inspection (threads looked quite sharp) it appears the reason the 6-48 bolts supplied with the rail didn't hold was due to the action already being tapped M4, now sorted with correct size and secure
  21. Bags quicker to adjust and possibly allows rifle to recoil freely depending on how its used, monopod is always attached though
  22. Akeld

    Entry level semi auto

    What about the stoeger, aren't they a copy of the benelli
  23. Akeld

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    No apology needed or expected, always happy to learn from others experience
  24. Akeld

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Fair enough

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