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    Stalking, lamping foxes, hare control.
    F Class Open, any other centre fire target shooting (gallery or field fire), up to 50 BMG.
  1. Electrical tape on handle end of cleaning rod leaving a 'flag'. Revolutions of flag counted as rod passed through barrel. Assuming 10" and 12" are the only options and not a fraction, such as 10.25", this was good enough to determine twist.
  2. Price now £2,500 (excluding RFD, shipping charges)
  3. AI Perfector

    Clear out sale

    "Accuracy international action wrench, proper one not a copy £95 posted" Consider it sold, Darrel. PM Follows
  4. Recent enquiry by an interested party direct to the manufacturer suggested the barrel has a 12" twist rate. I checked the twist rate through four revolutions, using a marked cleaning rod with jag and patch, together with the RFD who holds the rifle, a riflesmith who manufactures top end rifles, We agreed that the barrel twist rate is 10", which is in accordance with the manufacturer's published literature, and not a 12" twist. I hope this helps.
  5. Hi, Nick, I'd use it as a target! Haven't had the courage to buy another brand yet.
  6. Bump, to draw attention to Price Reduction, now shown in original post
  7. Bump, to draw attention to revisions to original post
  8. Response to recently asked question - quote from Riflecraft "It is a Shilen trigger and although we would assume it has been bedded, there is no note of it."; Riflecraft were referring to data records in a superseded computer system.
  9. AI Perfector

    Advice needed on an "Open FAC Ticket"

    Suffolk wanted me to hold a FAC for 5 years before they would grant Open. When I explained that I had had an Open ticket 40 years ago (which lapsed when I went overseas) they granted it, no question, after 2 - 3 years, I think it was, on the current FAC. Demonstrate the experience and a conscientious approach. Good luck.
  10. AI Perfector


    I've just come across this http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/nra/ssusa_201103/#/18 which may be of interest to viewers.
  11. I had loads of problems with the Competitive Edge Dynamics M2 - errors readings, inconsistent too, so no solution found. Manufacturer swore it was OK after return to them for testing. Same issues on re-using after return to me. Thinking it was me, I bought another second hand unit to switch parts and see where I was going wrong. I had the same problems. I contacted the vendor, who admitted to having had the same problems and thought it was him! I returned the second hand unit with full refund. The vendor was going to send his back to the CED and tell them what they could do with it!. I've sold all parts that I know to have worked (with no come back) but not the computer/console. Others at a club I shoot with researched it, amongst others, when buying a chrono for the club. They found others had had problems with the CED M2 so went for another brand. I wouldn't touch CED with the proverbial barge pole. Good luck.

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