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Found 3 results

  1. I'm dreaming of building a 6.5x47L and I was just hoping for a little feedback on the direction I plan to take, perhaps from those who have paved the way already. My initial thoughts are to base it on a Tikka T3 action, 26" Border barrel and then mount it all on an AT AICS chassis (if they actually do build the one they have designed for the T3), failing that, something much lighter, like an XLR / MDT / GC Precision. I guess my goal is to have something that will shoot well out to 1000m, shoot the wings of a gnat at 100m and not be too heavy or too long that I couldn't lug it around after fox or deer if I needed to. I guess what I'm asking is would I be better off with a UK built Rem 700 based custom action? Longer or shorter barrel? A fancy Proof carbon wrapped barrel? Scrap the 'chassis' and get a traditional stock from the likes of GRS or Manners?
  2. ALL NOW SOLD UNTIL NEXT BATCH ARRIVES ]New Ruger Precision Rifle[/b] in stock now .308 only 6.5CM and 6mm Creedmoor to follow shortly also a few .308s in a 24" barrel configuration due in next few months. £1795 We have 1 second hand RPR Enhanced in 6.5 Creedmoor sold new by us in November 2016 fired 25 rounds customer lost his fullbore shooting its as new comes complete for £1495 Also New Ruger Precision MK1s couple left in 6.5CM only £1250. Can RFD transfer for £25 Medium-contour (.75" at the muzzle) threaded barrel with 5/8"-24 threads. Cold hammer-forged 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel with 5R Rifling at minimum bore and groove dimensions, minimum headspace and centralized chamber. Equipped with a Ruger Precision Rifle® Short-Action Handguard for improved scope clearance for long-range scopes. 20 MOA Picatinny rail secured with four, #8-40 screws for increased long-range elevation capabilities. "Upper" receiver and one-piece bolt are precision CNC-machined from pre-hardened 4140 chrome-moly steel to minimize distortion. Three-lug bolt with 70° throw features dual cocking cams and a smooth-running, full diameter bolt body. In-line recoil path manages recoil directly from the rear of the receiver to the buttstock, not through a traditional bedding system, providing maximum accuracy potential. Ruger® Precision MSR stock with QD sling attachment points features a bottom Picatinny rail and soft rubber buttpad. The left-folding stock hinge is attached to an AR-style buffer tube and accepts any AR-style stock. Length of pull and comb height are adjustable. Barrels can be easily replaced by a competent gunsmith using AR-style wrenches and headspace gauges. Magazine well front is contoured for a positive grip for bracing against shooting supports. Oversized bolt handle for positive bolt manipulation, with 5/16"-24 thread for easy replacement. Bolt disassembly tool is stored in the bolt shroud for easy striker channel cleaning. "Lower" magazine well halves are precision machined from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum and are Type III hard coat anodized for maximum durability. Patent-pending multi-magazine interface functions interchangeably with AICS and M110/SR-25/DPMS/Magpul-style magazines (works with some M14 magazines). Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger is externally adjustable with a pull weight range of 2.25 to 5.0 lbs.; wrench is stored in the bolt shroud. Extended trigger-reach AR-style grip and 45° reversible safety selector. May be configured with any AR-style grip and selector. Also includes: two, 10-round Magpul® PMAG® magazines. 01283-568661
  3. HAPPY 2014 - NEW YEAR'S DAY SALE STARTS NOW!!! All ViperSkins are $109.99 until Jan 1 at midnight. ViperSkins are the original pistol grip stock-sides designed expressly for the Accuracy International Chassis System and AI Rifles (AE, AW). Featuring a widened fore stock, offhand palm swell, rubber pistol grip, fast-action thumb shelf and ergonomic rear stock, ViperSkins deliver the functionality you demand from a true precision rifle system. Made from a military grade composite polymer, ViperSkins are designed to stand up to real world use whether out in the field or simply at the range. Plus we have many additional accessories-- Pic rails, QD mounts, Grippy Cheekrests, Spacers and more! PLEASE NOTE- OUR AICS SKINS ARE UPGRADES MADE FOR THE ORIGINAL LARGE BOLT CUTOUT. THE NEW SMALL BOLT CUTOUT AICS IS NOT COMPATIBLE. Also Check out our V2 Precison Rear Skins-- they work perfectly with a rear bag or the Accushot BT08 AICS Monopod. No mods necessary! Shown here with optional V2 PRS: Used by ACTUAL PROFESSIONALS in THE REAL WORLD: Colors: 1. FDE 2. Coyote Brown 3. Army Green 4. OD Fleck Camo 5. Hot Pink 6. Tactical Black Satisfaction Guaranteed by Me:

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