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Found 15 results

  1. Nick 53

    New barrel breaking in

    Hi all just taken delivery of a 6br rifle before I fire it would you or do need to polish inside the barrel ? Cheers Nick
  2. What are the pros and cons of using Molly coated bullets against Non Molly coated bullets? Is there any issues of cleaning a rifle barrel when you use Molly coated bullets against Non Molly coated bullets. Nick
  3. What scope would be classed suitable for Benchrest shooting and what type of reticle would be used ? Budget is £900.00. shooting at diggle for 2019 so looking to purchase a scope rather than using one scope to cover Fclass and Benchrest. Nick
  4. Hi all, out of curiosity what is the weight of a Benchrest rifle? I believe there are set weights and was wondering what weights are for each component stock? Barrel? Action? Scope? And is there anything else to consider? I want to use a 6br rifle . if your rifle is over these weight guide lines can you still have your scores recorded? Nick
  5. Nick 53


    Hi all as you know Fclass we shoot variety of distance why do Benchrest seem only to shoot 100,600 and 1000. Yards Cheers nick
  6. Nick 53


    Hi all can anyone recommend where I may buy CCI 450 Primers small rifle? Tried my local supplier all sold out cheers Nick
  7. Nick 53


    Now I have my variation back just after 8 days. I want to look for a new rifle ! There always seems a million questions ! Now reading the various forums What is deemed a suitable rifle? Rifle model? Twist ? Barrel Length? Dual port ? Not quite sure what it means. i am sure I can’t afford full blown built rifle by gun smith, not unless I rob a bank! So are there rifles out there on a shelf or rack that you can buy? Cheers Nick
  8. Before I take the plunge and purchase new kit.... Does anyone have a SEB Max front rest (I would consider a NEO possibly) and Edgewood / SEB Rear bags and suitable front bag for any rest you have for sale. Interested in the full lot or if you have bag only for example. I'm guessing these don't come up for sale that often but figured I would ask around before parting with my hard earned so I have more £ to buy ammo bits! Thank you for looking. Morse
  9. gilps45-70

    SEB front rest

    Is any of all the F class shooters out there changing their front rest to the new SEB lightweight one and want to sell their other rest contact me please I would be interested got fixed up thanks
  10. I have been enjoying long range benchrest shooting over the last few months and the Diggle BR shooters have been very helpful and accommodating. I am now looking to improve my kit (and my own PB) and move from shooting off a large sandbag to using a 'proper' front rest and rear bag. I hope to save up for a SEB rest in time but will prob start with the heavy duty caldwell rest but any suggestions on rest and front / rear bags would be a bonus. I shoot either a Defiance in 6.5x47 in an ACIS chassis (key slots on the underside of the stock) or my AE Mk2 in .308 (long thin milled slot along the underside of the stock) I have done the usual internet trawl to see about a suitable front bag rider plate and attachments to suite both rifles as well as a suitable rear bag rider. I have seen that the 'Shooting Shed' have an offering for a rear bag rider. I am not overly concerned about weight as both guns are scoped etc and fall into Heavy Gun category so I know I won't be super competitive anyway but for me its about mastering the kit and improving each time. There don't appear to be many options out there for off the shelf however My question is to the collective wisdom of UKV BR what are the recommendations from anyone who has encountered this setup? Any off the shelf solutions that I haven't found on the web perhaps made by a 'local smith' or the other option being who would I go to to get such items made up to fit and swap ideally between both guns as well as any things I need to consider when spacing this 'custom' option? I would like to get something sorted for the Oct 1000yd shoot ideally.... Thank you for any help in advance. M
  11. UKBRA Benchrest Round 6 – 5th and 6th September 2015 This weekend saw round 6 of the UKBRA 100 and 1000 yard leagues at Diggle ranges, the finale to the season. 100 yards - Saturday Another great day weather-wise at Diggle, we must be doing something right! More sun and a light breeze, but it was an East wind, so it wasn’t going to be all plain sailing. We were a few down in numbers today as 9 of us are heading off to the USA as I write this infact for the NBRSA (USA) National Championships and the World Championships, so with this in mind some of us had equipment in transit or family duties to attend to in advance of the shoot, however we did have a new face David Rankin from Scotland…… welcome. Just as per last month there were some very nice groups, special mentions to….. Andy Woolley in Sporter Class with a stunning 0.237 incher but best of all again was Chris Maunder with an amazing 0.073”, just 9 thousandths of an inch short of a UK record….. well done both. Jonathan Walker was having a good day in readiness for his first World Championships, keep it up Jonathan, however he had to settle for second after a seasoned veteran Mr. Brian Walker shot consistently all day to win on the last relay, great achievement Brian! Resident Shooting “God” Stuart Benson had to settle for second place today as Andy Wolley had a great day in Sporter Class with both Agg and Small Group wins, great shooting Andy! A special mention now for something nice…….. Today we had a very unique photo opportunity, our oldest and youngest shooters ever…. Don Burrows at 83 years young and Emily Lenton at just 8 years old, there is 75 years between them, but they are both brought together by a love for Benchrest. Emily in her first competition agg’d 0.781” and shot a small group of 0.513” in Sporter Class, just being pipped into 4th place……. A very proud moment for me as her Dad and also Tony Lenton (her Grandad) who were both watching on as she shot. Here are the results………. Heavy Varmint 1. – Brian Walker – 0.305” (average of 5 x 5 shot groups) 2. – Jonathan Walker – 0.312” 3. – Jeanette Whitney – 0.330” Small Group – Chris Maunder – 0.073” Sporter 1. – Andy Woolley – 0.383” (average of 5 x 5 shot groups) 2. – Stuart Benson – 0.621” 3. – Jim Marsden – 0.734” Small Group – Andy Woolley – 0.237” Full results can be seen by clicking the link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/2yj1t6gx9aysksh/UKBRA%20100BR%205th%20September%202015.pdf?dl=0 1000 yards – Sunday Last month we had near perfect flat calm conditions to test our rifles in, but this time we would have to content with the normal Diggle winds…… We had a group of new faces today, a band of friendly Scotsmen had ventured South as the return leg of our new bond with the Galloway Small Arms Club from Castle Douglas in Dumfries and Galloway, everyone seemed to have lots of fun. Also an influx of F-class shooters into the Heavy Gun class ahead of their European championships, so with all of this we had a bench busting 37 taking part. UK records were broken not 1, not 2, but 3 times today in the Heavy Gun class, over the last 2 years we have seen some purpose built Heavy Gun’s appearing and some more are in progress too, these are 40-60 lb monsters with 8 inch wide forends etc just like our friends in the USA use. The Aggregate Record was broken twice within 30 minutes and the Small Group record once. Your humble scribe shot a 6.960” group to clinch the Small Group record and my Agg sealed a new record at 8.451”, however my Father Tony Lenton using my rifle then managed to beat this with an 8.137” Agg. Remember these are 10 shot groups! Light Gun and Factory Sporter also saw some great groups too, in Light Gun Ian Dixon sealed another cracker with a 4.232” group and in Factory Sporter Stuart Benson looked like he had got it with a 5.909” group, only to be outdone by Alan Seagrave with an amazing 4.549” group, with a bog standard Tikka T3……. Great shooting guys Vince Bottomley shot consistently to come out the leader of the pack in Light Gun, well done Vince in some rather testing conditions. Little Emily Lenton was shooting again today, this time in Heavy Gun, the big talking point was which was heavier…… The gun or the Shooter, well the bathroom scales can now confirm that the shooter was heavier than the gun by just 8lbs…. Shooter 56lbs, Gun 48lbs. Emily had a great weekend with her 16” Agg and has asked me to thank everyone for their help and support, she will definitely be coming back again. Anyway, without further ado, here are the results Light Gun 1. – Vince Bottomley – 7.534” (average of 4 x 5 shot groups) 2. – Ian Dixon – 8.572” 3. – Graham Francis – 9.993” Small Group – Ian Dixon – 4.232” Heavy Gun 1. – Tony Lenton – 8.137” (average of 2 x 10 shot groups) ----- NEW UKBRA RECORD 2. – Bruce Lenton – 8.451” 3. – John Campbell – 11.459” Small Group – Bruce Lenton – 6.960” ----- NEW UKBRA RECORD Factory Sporter 1. – Stuart Benson – 7.870” (average of 4 x 5 shot groups) 2. – Nick Parkin – 8.211” 3. – Alan Seagrave – 10.009” Small Group – Alan Seagrave – 4.549” Full results can be seen by clicking the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ug8i3m3oiu8j67w/UKBRA%201000BR%206th%20September%202015.pdf?dl=0 We now start our winter leagues, with 600 yard benchrest on Sunday 4th October then a new winter 100 yard league starting on Saturday 14th November, if you are at all interested, please come along and give it a go, we will all make you fell most welcome.
  12. Hi All A great day was had by all on Sunday for the final shoot of the 600 yard BR season. As the weatherman predicted, the weather was somewhat savage and this resulted in some interesting results and a number of penalties being incurred. This final shoot went right to the wire in Factory Sporter, with any one of 3 people being able to win depending on their own result and those of others, so it was a very interesting day. Light Gun and Heavy Gun 1st places had already been grabbed before this shoot, but 2nd to 5th we very much wide open and again there were some surprises on the day. This season has been great, with 59 people taking part during the season. So to the results - link to full results at the bottom of this report Shoot number 6 of 6 Light Gun 1. Vince Bottomley - 4.870" 2. Tony Lenton - 6.410" 3. Bob Nicholson - 6.436" Small Group - Vince Bottomley - 3.293" Heavy Gun 1. Laurie Holland - 5.557" 2. Bruce Lenton - 6.275" 3. Gary Wrighton - 6.475" Small Group - Gary Wrighton - 2.423" Factory Sporter 1. David Leslie - 6.498" 2. Alan Seagrave - 7.034" 3. Tony Young - 7.745" Small Group - Les Prior - 2.220" Overall League Light Gun 1. Bruce Lenton - 38pts 2. Tony Lenton - 34pts 3. Vince Bottomley - 31pts 4. Jeanette Whitney - 31pts 5. Martin Eldershaw - 28pts Heavy Gun 1. Steve Barrett - 36pts 2. Laurie Holland - 31pts 3. Jim Marsden - 27pts 4. Jack Mills - 25pts 5. Phil Sammons - 20pts Factory Sporter 1. David Leslie - 37pts 2. Darrel Evans - 36pts 3. Alan Seagrave - 35pts 4. Tony Young - 33pts 5. Stuart Benson - 25pts Sunday 2nd March 2014 Full results https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7jsziupoo8myp4/UKBRA%20600BR%202nd%20March%202014.pdf 2014 600 Yard BR League Full Results https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewy8ubk2hmqpopi/UKBRA%20600BR%20League%202014.pdf
  13. Hi All A quick report on another successful, but somewhat wet and wild UKBRA 600 Yard Benchrest shoot at Diggle. Today it was Round 5 of our Winter 600 yard league and things are hotting up. Last time we reported the weather was milder, today it was cold, windy and wet....... Flippers and snorkels were the best attire today. The groups were not as large as some thought they were going to be, but some unfortunately did incur the dreaded penalty for shots blown off the target resulting in some 6 inch penalties flying around, but overall the mood was good and we all had fun as usual. Our Swiss friend Benjamin made a "welcome" return, this time not offering a bloody sacrifice to the Benchrest Gods, but having to settle for a 3rd place in heavy gun. There were some outstanding groups in all classes today in spite of the atrocious conditions, which caused the butts crew to consider the unthinkable prospect of possibly abandoning the shoot at one point in the morning as we just couldn't get the targets to stay on the backers for long enough for the shooters to take 5 shots at them, but in the end it was worth it. So to the scores, well as usual the full results sheet is provided in the link below, but here is a summary and also the league so far as there is only 1 shoot left to go. Light Gun 1. B. Lenton - 3.504" 2. T. Lenton - 4.197" 3. M. Eldershaw - 4.668" Small Group - G. Stewart - 2.212" Heavy Gun 1. G. Wrighton - 4.279" 2. P.Sammons - 4.344" 3. B. Sueess - 5.254" Small Group - G. Wrighton - 2.938" Factory Sporter 1. D. Leslie - 5.280" 2. A. Seagrave - 5.704" 3. D. Evans - 6.420" Small Group - D. Leslie - 2.642" Full Results https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lbfxki1lmwgbt4/UKBRA%20600BR%209th%20February%202014.pdf League Results https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrvcs6qm837ri6w/UKBRA%20600BR%20League%202013-14%20%285%20out%20of%206%29.pdf The next and final shoot of the league is on Sunday 2nd March, so dust off your guns and come along. Cheers Bruce
  14. Hi All A quick report on another successful UKBRA 600 Yard Benchrest shoot at Diggle. Today it was Round 4 of our Winter 600 yard league and things are hotting up. The weather was milder than a week ago, but there was some wind and an unpleasant East wind coming over the backstop, which made for some interesting shooting conditions. The groups were larger than usual and a number of people had shots blown off the target resulting in some 6 inch penalties flying around, but overall the mood was good and we all had fun as usual. So to the scores, well as usual the full results sheet is provided in the link below, but here is a summary (with calibres for the tech heads) Light Gun 1. B. Lenton - 2.765" 2. J. Gibb - 4.563" 3. J. Whitney - 4.774 Small Group - B. Lenton - 2.080" Heavy Gun 1. S. Barrett - 6.022" 2. J. Marsden - 6.416" 3. J. Mills - 11.144" Small Group - S. Barrett - 3.250" Factory Sporter 1. S. Benson - 5.975" 2. T. Young - 8.868" 3. M. Pearn - 9.284" Small Group - D. Evans - 2.359" ------ Also holder of the AA Routefinder Award for the largest group and "Diggle Dollop of the Day" Full Results https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ooqim9npdo86ki/UKBRA%20600BR%2018th%20January%202014.pdf The next shoot is on Sunday 9th February, so dust off your guns and come along. Cheers Bruce
  15. Hello, Can anybody help me finding out the following: I own an Anschutz Match 54 Rimfire rifle in .22LR. At this rifle there is an old trigger, and i want to replace that for a more sensitive one. Anybody any idea which brand and/or type i can use for shooting Rimfire Benchrest? Hope somebody comes up with an idea.......

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